Why Billionaire Mark Cuban Believes Hating Your Boss Is a Good Thing

Leave it up to ‘Shark Tank’ investor Mark Cuban to find the upside of a terrible work environment. If you’ve got a terrible boss, he thinks you may be able to turn that to your advantage. 

As a guest on the ‘In Search of Excellence‘ podcast, the billionaire investor offered an unconventional reframe of the classic “I hate my boss” experience. According to Cuban, any negative work experience is still a learning opportunity.

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“There [are] two things to consider,” said the Dallas Mavericks owner during the podcast. “One, always realize you’re a free agent. You’re allowed to look for your next job while you’re in your current job.”

“That’s where people who are in jobs they don’t like make a mistake,” he continued. “They’re so miserable they just can’t wait to get out, and they don’t realize that you can learn more from the jobs you don’t like than the jobs you do like.”

“Learning what not to do is just as critically as important as learning what to do — particularly if you have any aspirations to go on to management or to launch a company.

“If you really make an effort to learn,” he continued. “But ask, ‘How is the company run? How are managers managing? If I don’t like my boss — why? Is there a way I can communicate with that boss that makes me better at communicating?’”

“Learn from what they’re doing so you don’t do the same when you become a boss,” Cuban says optimistically.

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