Wedding Costs Too High? McDonald’s Will Play Caterer

With the average wedding cost soaring to $29,000 in 2023 (not to mention how much it costs for wedding party members to attend one), it’s no wonder that engaged couples are sweating over how to afford it all.

One fast-food company saw a need to be filled and decided to address the situation in an unusual way. 

That company is McDonald’s  (MCD) – Get Free Report, which is now offering a wedding-catering packaging for its Indonesian customers, which it calls “Paket Wedding Mekdi.”

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The offer includes 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 four-piece chicken nuggets for 3.5 million Indonesian rupiah (US$231). 

While you might be wondering what sane couple would ever offer their esteemed guests nugs to fill their tummies, consider that Yum Brands darling  (YUM) – Get Free Report Taco Bell already did the same back in 2017. 

The Bell even went as far as to build a dedicated chapel in Las Vegas, delighting its fans by adding branded wedding swag and a bridal bouquet made of hot sauce packets.

Nor is Taco Bell the only quick-service restaurant to offer this kind of thing. Denny’s has its own wedding chapel in Vegas, which will charge you $199 for a package including two t-shirts, two coupons for Grand Slam breakfasts, a cake made of Pancake Puppies, and a bouquet and boutonniere for the couple.

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