Watch: Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Goes Viral for On-Flight Rant

A new hero of the people just dropped.

The deal you make with Spirit Airlines  (SAVE) – Get Free Report is you get nothing but your seat, and you barely even get that.

Spirit Airlines charges the cheapest tickets around, sometimes less than the price of dinner and mid-level restaurant. But the catch is that the budget airline will charge you for everything else that it can, including — but not limited to — checking a bag (though you do get one free personal item), changing your reservation, printing a boarding pass, pre-selecting a seat, priority boarding, and getting a bottle of water. 

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The airline has long defended itself against criticism by noting that there are bundle packages available if you want to save money, and that its rock bottom prices makes travel more accessible to lower income families. 

That said, it can feel galling to, say, pay for a water, which nearly every other airline will just give you. Spirit customers have long complained that they feel nickel and dimed by the airline, and now a new internet hero has arrived to give a voice to the people’s unheard cries.

A video of a frustrated Spirit Airlines flight attendant has begun making the rounds on TikTok. In the clip, the unnamed attendant notes during her pre-flight announcement that if passengers want blankets, outlets, reclining seats or anything else extra, then Spirit would charge them extra.

“No, we do not have sockets for you to plug up your phones, because if we did, we will charge you,” said the flight attendant to the laughing passengers.“No, we do not have blankets for you, because if we did, this is Spirit, and we will charge you. No, your seats do not recline. If they did, again, this is Spirit, and we will charge you.”

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The video has been watched 278,000 times since it was posted in mid-March, and viewers have been thrilled by the unfettered honesty of bon-mots like “And no, we do not have earplugs for you because if we did, y’all know this is Spirit, and we will do what?” asked the flight attendant.

In response, a passenger replied “Charge you!” 

TikTokers have rallied around the video, with one user noting “Lmao she tired of spirit too,” and another adding “This is quiet quitting lol.”

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