Watch: SpaceX Explosion Does Heavy Damage to a Nearby Vehicle

The rapid unscheduled disassembly sprayed debris all over the Gulf of Mexico.

Depending on who you ask, this week’s SpaceX launch was either a roaring success or an unmitigated disaster. 

Days after postponing the first orbital test flight of Starship, the world’s largest rocket and the vehicle Elon Musk says will get humans to Mars, lifted off and took flight … for a couple of minutes before it exploded. 

New footage from the ground shows some of the destruction that was wrought from the mishap. 

The jokes came in abundance. 

One user suggested that the owner get a free Tesla for their trauma. 

While the footage is dramatic, and the safety of the owner of the car and the owner of the camera immediately comes to question, one user had some good news that sort of ruined the fun.

Despite the unexpected end to the flight, both the SpaceX team, and their boosters on social media, celebrated the test flight as a roaring success, while coining a euphemism for the explosion that started trending on Twitter. 

Twitter had a field day with the “rapid unscheduled disassembly” line.

Others called into question the federal subsidies SpaceX has received in light of Musk labeling certain news organizations as being “government-funded.”

Doppler radar showed how wide the debris from the explosion spread. 

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