Watch: Paris Stock Exchange Attacked by Protestors

Protests against France’s move to increase the retirement age to 64 from 62 reached the doors of the Paris Stock Exchange.

The streets of Paris have been filled with protestors for weeks as the French government began the process of raising the country’s retirement age to 64 from 62. 

At times, the protests have become raucous, and on Thursday — in an echo of the storming of the Bastille — the crowds forced their way into the offices of Euronext, the company that runs the Paris Stock Exchange.  

People stormed the lobby of the Paris Stock Exchange, waved union flags and set off flares inside the building while shouting “Macron resign.”  Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron forced through the changes in the country’s retirement age earlier this spring. 

“We are told that there is no money to finance pensions,” Sud-Rail labor unionist Favien Villedieu told Reuters. But there is “no need to get the money from the pockets of workers, there is some in the pockets of billionaires.”

This isn’t first time protestors targeted the financial sector with rancor. 

Earlier this year, protestors with flairs also stormed the offices of fund manger BlackRock and luxury clothes brand  (LVMHF) .

Protestors were reportedly on the ground floor of the BlackRock building for about 10 minutes, chanting slogans, setting off flares and waving flags much as they did Thursday at the Stock Exchange. 

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