Vintage Video of Robert Downey Jr. Visiting Wall Street Resurfaces, Goes Viral

Social media is loving a resurfaced clip of movie star Robert Downey Jr. telling the world what he really thinks of the Wall Street scene in 1992. The clip is from a documentary called “The Last Party,” and is packed full of Downey Jr.’s own commentary on the political climate of the time.

His commentary has resurfaced more than 30 years later — and it seems to be resonating with people. The young actor’s description of the New York Stock Exchange floor has more than 3.8 million views so far. But if you’re one to clutch your pearls at the sound of swear word, this isn’t a superhero movie — the language that follows is adult.

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Robert Downey Jr visiting Wall Street for a documentary in the early 90s

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“If money is evil then that building is hell,” a young Downey Jr. tells the camera. The actor continued, saying that the traders on the NYSE floor were “the most obnoxious group of money-hungry, low-IQ, high-energy, jack-rabbit, fuckin’ wannabe-bigtime, smalltime shit-talking, bothersome, irritating, immature motherfuckers I’ve ever had to endure for more than five minutes.”

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The documentary featured a political and cultural who’s-who of the time. Giving it a watch, you’ll see presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton as well as pundits, such as Pat Buchanan, alongside Hollywood heavy-hitters like Oliver Stone, Spike Lee, and many more.

Downey Jr, in his late 20s at the time, provides dry, off-beat commentary on the political climate of the time. It’s an interesting snapshot of the presidential election of that year — and a very entertaining time capsule.

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