US McDonald’s Menu Finally Adding Beloved Global Favorite

McDonald’s has a global footprint and a global social media presence. That means that Americans might see an item that frustratingly gets offered someplace else in the world that never makes it to U.S. stores.

In some cases, that makes sense. Many McDonald’s  (MCD) – Get Free Report locations around the world offer items tailored to local tastes. That could be something semi-familiar to Americans, like burgers seasoned with teriyaki or soy in Japan topped with eggs and other not-common-to-the-U.S. toppings.  

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In other cases, the chain’s localized offerings simply would be too unique for Americans. Ham N’ Egg Twisty Pasta from Hong Kong, Japan’s Gratin Croquette Burger, which has a fried crab and pasta patty, and the McKroket in The Netherlands (imagine a Filet ‘O Fish filled with beef instead of fish) probably would be very niche offerings in the United States.

There are other global items on McDonald’s menus that Americans have seen on social media or experienced while traveling which makes many wonder why the chain has never served them in the U.S. India’s Pizza McPuff seems like it would fill a snack niche while Canada’s Poutine (fries with melted cheese and gravy), and a whole variety of international shake and McFlurry flavors seem tailor-made for the U.S.

Now, one of those items has been spotted on American shores, and a lot of McDonald’s fans are going to be very happy.

McDonald’s has offered Blueberry and Cream pies in some markets.

Image source: McDonald’s

McDonald’s Brings a New Pie Home  

McDonald’s, at least in the U.S., has struggled with dessert. It offers its signature Apple Pie, along with shakes, ice cream cones, and some very basic ice cream sundaes. It also has the McFlurry, a well-loved dessert that’s as famous for its unreliable machines (at least 10% are generally broken nationwide at any given time) as it is for the tasty frozen treats it produces.

Now, after years of rumors, McDonald’s is bringing a popular pie to the U.S.   

“IT’S NOW OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL! The Cookies and Crème pie from McDonald’s is coming to the US and is already showing up in a few markets,” the popular Snackolator account posted on Instagram.

The account had posted rumors of the menu addition earlier in the week, but has now confirmed the offering.

“I posted about this earlier with an international version, but we now have a photo of the actual item thanks to a very nice follower. This is a pie I’ve posted about a few times over the years and wished McDonald’s would bring it to the states, and it is finally here,” Snackolator added.

The Cookies and Crème Pie has, so far, only shown up in select locations. but Snackolator expects it to generally be a nationwide offering.

“I would imagine that *most* markets around the country will see these, but with McDonald’s pies it seems like there are always a few areas that don’t get them for whatever reason,” they added.

McDonald’s Has An Opportunity

One of the key ways McDonald’s can grow its business is by increasing its average check size. It can also increase its sales outside of normal meal hours. The chain has been doing well when it comes to growing its average check value, according to comments from CFO Ian Borden speaking during the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

“I think what we’re pleased about, particularly in the U.S., if we use that as the example, is just that balanced growth between check and guest count, probably two-thirds check, about a third guest count,” he said.

A new pie — especially a highly-anticipated one — can lead to customers spending a little more. That’s likely what happened with the recent Grimace Shake. Items like these — which are social media catnip — can lead to lapsed customers visiting and existing customers spending more. 

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