Universal Studios Long-Awaited Restaurant Opens

After Comcast’s  (CMCSA) – Get Free Report Universal Studios Florida in Orlando closed Monsters Café, speculation began as to what would replace the space.

Monster’s Café was home to the evils of Universal’s past, and it was time for a change. But Universal opted to stick with the dark side of things when it decided to open its replacement. The new restaurant would need to be a bit more hip, a slice of evil and much, much more yellow. 

Just over year since the release of box office hit “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” Universal Studios Florida opened the doors to its latest  creation, Minion Café. 

Guests invited to a soft opening, invitation-only event for mostly friends, family, and media on June 17 had a lot to say about the experience. Those who don’t even like bananas enjoyed the Antidote, according to Theme Park Express, but one guest who does like bananas, didn’t like it, so maybe that was an unexpected evil twist. The drink is banana flavored and is like enjoying a banana cream pie, but through a straw.

The Minion Café meals that had pork belly in them, Agnes’ Honeymoon Soup and Uncle Dru’s Belly Fillin’ Pork Sandwich, reportedly were a favorite. It also mentioned that the dumpling in Otto’s Noodle Bowl was described as ‘meh,’ but the rest of the dish was good.

A table of guests who ate at the soft opening enjoyed all of the food, except for the kids’ mac and cheese, but kids will eat it even if it’s not up to a connoisseurs’ standards.

Looking at the Minion Café Menu

The full menu is enough to kill for…but let’s just look at the Despica-Bowls, according to Thrill Geek

El Macho’s Salsa y Salsa Ropa Vieja is a braised beef with tomato cucumber salad, cilantro rice, salsa roja and El Macho tostones.

Kevin’s Chopa Chopa Salad is purple cabbage and arugula, tomatoes, cucumber, edamame, crispy pork belly, pulled rotisserie chicken, green plantain chips and a mustard ale vinaigrette.

Carl’s Crispy Cauliflower is crispy cauliflower florets with sweet & spicy chili sauce, coconut blue rice, Thai cucumbers and edamame.

Menu Has a Top Secret Salmon

Lucy’s Top-Secret Salmon is a wood-grilled Atlantic salmon, coconut blue rice, Thai cucumbers, edamame, lip stick taser sauce.

Otto’s Noodle Bowl is a slow roasted porchetta, udon noodles, tare egg, cilantro, roast corn, shrimp dumpling, tonkotsu broth.

Chicken Stuart’s Sichuan Surprise is Sichuan glazed rotisserie chicken, stir fried vegetable lo mein.

Agnes’s Honeymoon Soup is green tomato soup, crispy pork belly, tomato gummy bear, basil oil served with a pimento cheddar grilled cheese sandwich.

The Minion Café is part of the experience’s guests will have in the Minion Land on Illumination Avenue, and of course all things are perfectly awful and evil in their presentation.

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