This U.S. Place Is in the Best Shape — Physically, Not Fiscally

A study measured which places are most physically fit. And it offered tips for those of us who aren’t yet.

We all know that good physical fitness is important, but that’s often easier said than done.

RunReviews, which reviews running products, pored through public data to measure which states are the most fit. The study used six metrics to compile its rankings:

· Number of gyms per 100,000 residents. National average: 12.3.

· Percentage of adults who exercised in the past month. National average: 76.9%.

· Percentage of adults with body-mass index in obesity range. National average: 32.1%.

· Percentage of adults diagnosed with diabetes. National average: 10.8%.

· Percentage of adults diagnosed with angina/heart disease. National average: 4.3%.

· Percentage of adults who got a routine checkup in the past year. National average: 74.9%.

Fitness Recommendations

If you aren’t in tip-top shape, RunReviews offered the following recommendations in its report:

· “Incorporate physical activity into your routine.” Walking, riding bikes, hiking and yoga classes are possibilities. “Start small, and keep upping your activity until exercise becomes a daily habit,” RunReviews said. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “recommends that adults get the equivalent of 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week.

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· “Find a workout buddy,” the report said. It may be easier to stick to a plan when you’ve got someone to hold you accountable.

· “Stay on top of your nutrition,” RunReviews said. “Completely changing your diet at once can be overwhelming, so focus on making sustainable changes over time. Stay away from fad diets, and plan out healthy meals before you head to the grocery store. Whole grains, protein and fresh greens are your friends.

· “Make sure to hydrate. It’s important to drink enough water even when you’re not exercising. The American Council on Exercise recommends drinking 17 to 20 fluid ounces of water two to three hours before working out.

· “Be patient. Remember that you likely won’t see results right away, so go easy on yourself. Rest when you need a break, and switch up your routine if it stops feeling fun. Wellness is a marathon, not a sprint.”

State Ratings

Washington, D.C. ranked as the state/district with residents in the best shape, followed by Massachusetts, Colorado, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Montana and Oregon.

At the bottom stood West Virginia, preceded by Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and Indiana.

The best- and worst-ranked states for each category are:

· Obesity rate: Colorado 24.2%, Mississippi 39.7%.

· Diabetes rate: Washington, D.C. 7.5%, West Virginia 15.7%.

· Heart disease rate: Utah 2.7%, West Virginia 7%.

· Wellness checkups (percentage of adults who had one in the past year): Rhode Island 83.8%, Alaska 64.9%.

· Exercise (percentage of adults who had done it in the past month): Utah 84.1%, Kentucky 69.4%.

· Number of gyms per 100,000 residents: Washington, D.C. 20.1, Hawaii 6.1.

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