This now-$10 dryer vent cleaner at Amazon had shoppers ‘astonished and scared’ by how much lint it pulled out

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If you own a dryer, then take this as your reminder to deep clean the vents to help prevent clogging and potential fire hazards. Sure, you could try and scrape out the excess hair and lint by hand, but it’ll be time-consuming and won’t reach as far as an official cleaning kit would.

Instead, do yourself a favor and purchase the Holikme Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit while it’s on sale for just $10 at Amazon. The two-piece set includes a flexible vacuum hose attachment and flexible lint brush that both fit in most standard dryer vents to clean out the parts you can’t see. They’re also handy for cleaning under and behind large appliances that are hard to move for regular cleanings. Cleaning dryer vents is a chore that’s often overlooked or forgotten but should be a top priority, especially during dry winters. 

Holikme Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit, $10 (was $17) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

According to the US Fire Administration, clothes dryers, which fall under the appliance and electrical category, are one of the leading causes of domestic fires in people’s homes. Cleaning the vents at least once a year can help reduce buildup and neglecting to do so can result in broken parts or worse scenarios like house fires, an expert told Today.

Over 20,000 kits have sold in the past 30 days and more than 26,000 shoppers have given it five stars for how well it works. Several people even left image reviews that speak for themselves, and frankly, they’re grossly satisfying. One person said, “holy crap this thing is awesome!”

“This is super easy to use and attaches to your vacuum like a charm,” another reviewer wrote. “Once you attach it to your vacuum all you do is just put it through the lint trap and it sucks out all the lint from your dryer. I was amazed and astonished and also scared at how much lint actually came out. I showed all of the lint to my partner and he could not believe that it all came out of the dryer in one go.”

If you can’t remember the last time you thoroughly cleaned your dryer vent, then it’s likely time to vacuum it out. For just $10, you can’t go wrong with the Holikme Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

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