This $25 kitchen gadget with 85,000+ five-star Amazon ratings is the secret to chopping veggies ‘in seconds’

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier, then you’re likely buying more fruits and vegetables, which typically require lots of cutting and chopping. To make preparing these meals less time-consuming, we suggest investing in the proper kitchen gadgets to make it quick and easy.

Instead of pulling out a knife and cutting board to slice each piece of food individually, do yourself a favor and use the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper that shoppers say “cuts your time in half.” It only costs $25 and comes with two interchangeable dicer blades for versatility, so we aren’t shocked that it has already sold over 2,000 times in the past 30 days. It’s also a no.1 bestseller in Amazon’s seasoning & spice choppers category and is in the top spot on the Movers & Shakers page, meaning it’s selling in droves right now. 

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper, $25 at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

This gadget makes chopping food a cinch and collects everything in a 1.2-liter plastic storage container to eliminate mess. All you have to do is insert your preferred blade tray, place a piece of food on top, and firmly press down the built-in chop lid. With small items like mini peppers, carrots, and celery, you can easily fit two or more at a time. We suggest cutting round foods like tomatoes and onions in half before placing them in the chopper to make them easier to dice.

This chopper is made of BPA-free plastic and features durable stainless steel blades that are rust-resistant for added safety. The entire thing can be taken apart for easy cleaning and all pieces are dishwasher-safe, but make sure it’s fully dry before re-assembling. To avoid build-up and cross-contamination, it should be washed after every use.

Not only does this veggie chopper have over 85,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, but this type of kitchen tool is going viral on TikTok. One user posted a video of them making a one-bowl chopped salad in just a few minutes with the chopper and it has gained more than 1.6 million likes. “I’ve had my veggie chopper for more than two years and this really helps me get in more vegetables,” they said. “Having my whole salad in here is just so helpful.”

A five-star reviewer from Amazon called it a “game changer” and added, “I can wash up a few veggies, chop them up in seconds, and have a delicious healthy meal in no time!”

“With so many cases of salmonella and E. coli from store-packaged pre-chopped up vegetables this was a no-brainer,” another person wrote, “I am able to make a mirepoix in under two minutes that is fresh and with no concerns of unwanted bacteria. Love it!”

Don’t waste another minute of your time chopping vegetables by hand and order the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper now to start your New Year’s resolution the right way. 

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