These now-$26 Bluetooth headphones at Amazon are ‘as good as Bose,’ shoppers say

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The quest to find the perfect headphones might seem nearly impossible. One pair might not fit right, the next might fall out while you’re exercising, or they could be flat-out uncomfortable. While most headphones tend to come with a hefty price tag, we found a pair that is both budget-friendly and good quality. Plus, it makes for a thoughtful and affordable Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or a loved one.

Right now, the Zihnic Bluetooth Headphones are on sale at Amazon for just $26, a 30% discount from the original price when you apply the on-page coupon. This popular item has sold over 5,000 times in the past month and is backed by over 53,000 five-star ratings.

These high-definition stereo headphones give you the option to use Bluetooth or an aux cord to deliver high-quality sound to accompany you while walking, working, or just relaxing at home. Noise reduction technology allows you to focus fully on what you’re listening to without any background noise.

Zihnic Bluetooth Headphones, $26 (was $37) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

The comfortability is unmatched thanks to the faux leather memory foam earmuffs and headband. You might even forget you’re wearing headphones at all since their folding and stretching abilities allow them to fit perfectly to your head.

After only two and a half hours of charging, these headphones will be full of juice and ready to go for up to 14 hours of music-listening and movie-watching. To put it into perspective, that’s equal to a flight from New York City to Los Angeles and back (and then some). Hands-free calling is also an exciting and convenient feature that’s handy while on the go.

The $26 deal applies to the rose gold, black, and blue headphones, and there are also five additional colors at varying price points all under $30.

Buyers are praising this product for its high-quality sound that gives more expensive brands a “run for their money.” One shopper even said the sound quality is “as good as my Bose speakers.”

“Comfort is a top priority for me, and these headphones deliver in spades,” said another shopper. “The cushioned ear cups are so soft that I can wear them for extended periods without any discomfort — perfect for long flights or marathon music sessions.”

This deal is too good to pass up, so don’t wait to get your hands on a pair of the Zihnic Bluetooth Headphones for just $26.

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