These $32 ‘tremendously’ helpful portable blackout curtains have sold thousands of times over the last month

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We all know how we sleep is a powerful determinant of how we’ll feel the following day. While traveling has incredible benefits, one potential downside is a disturbance to your sleep quality without the usual comforts of home, like the quiet calm, your favorite soft bedding, and preferred window coverings to block out light. Luckily, there’s usually a fairly affordable and low-hassle solution for these on-the-go concerns.

For noise, you could pack a travel sound machine; for softer sheets, you could bring along a sleep sack; and for light, the go-to is typically a sleep mask, though wearing something around your head can also disrupt your sleep. Recently, Amazon shoppers seem to have caught onto a new and improved travel sleep solution, though, with the Amazon Basics Portable Travel Window Blackout Curtain selling more than 5,000 times over the last month, climbing Amazon’s Best Sellers charts and catching our attention.


What this blackout shade features that stay-at-home versions don’t are suction cups and Velcro squares along the perimeter of the back (no curtain rod necessary). The suction cups are a simple way to affix the curtain to any window, while the Velcro tabs let you customize its size to best fit the space you’re working with. Of course, another feature that makes this Amazon find incredibly travel-friendly is that it folds up easily and comes with a carrying case with a handle, weighing in compactly at 1.4 lbs. If you ever want to wash your portable blackout curtain, all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine on cold and line try.

Amazon Basics Portable Blackout Curtain Shades with Suction Cups-Black, 1-Pack, 78 by 50 inches, $32


With so many recent sales, these curtains also have racked up tons of five-star reviews to back them up. The Amazon Basics travel shades have over 7,000 perfect ratings, and shoppers rave. “I wish I bought these months ago,” one said. “I love that I can adjust the length by folding the bottom and using the Velcro strips. The suction cups make it easy to stick to the window and I can still have the blinds over them. This also makes it easy to remove to pack if you are traveling! Super handy! These really keep the room dark and have helped tremendously so my child does not get up super early with the sun rising. My only regret is that I wish I had ordered these months ago.”

Amazon Basics Portable Blackout Curtain Shades with Suction Cups-Black, 2-Pack, 78 by 50 inches, $64


The versatile curtains aren’t only helpful once you reach your destination; shoppers use them in transit, as well, blocking out light in the car for kids to sleep in the back. Shoppers attest to the thick material’s effectiveness, too. One said, “it created a very dark room even in full daylight, which was perfect for what we needed.”

Another called the blackout curtains a “lifesaver” not once, but twice in their review: “We’ve had this for a few months. My toddler will not sleep unless the room is pitch black. This curtain has been a life saver for us when traveling. Highly recommend getting one or two of these to have on hand. It’s a life saver on vacation or when you want to lie down somewhere without a curtain.”

Before your next stint away from home, order the Amazon Basics Portable Blackout Curtains. You can get a single for $32 or a two-pack for $64 in seven options of colors and whimsical patterns, including black, white, navy, “Moon and Stars,” and “Teal Zoo.” You’ll be thanking yourself when you’re able to get some high-quality Zzzs the next time you’re not sleeping in your own bed.

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