The new Mini Cooper is the last hurrah for its gas-powered lineup

The icon is having its final bow. 

Following the reveal of BMW-backed  (BMWYY)  Mini’s electric versions of the iconic Mini hardtop, the British outfit revealed the last iteration of the gas-powered Mini Cooper models.

Mini said in a statement that a completely new “family of vehicles” will be introduced throughout this year, and that this model offers customers a distinct set of choices for their cars. 

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The 2025 Mini Cooper S 


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“At MINI, ‘Power of Choice” means that in addition to current and future electric MINI models, we also offer models such as the new MINI Cooper with gasoline engine,” said Mini head Stefanie Wurst. “The car is ideal for all those people who want to drive a classic MINI 3-door and appreciate the traditional performance and characteristic sound of a combustion engine,” 

Mini Hardtops coming to the States will come with only one choice for engine; a turbocharged 2-liter inline four-cylinder in both the standard Cooper model (now called the Cooper C) and the sporty Cooper S. 

Mini has yet to disclose how much power the Cooper C offers, but they state that the turbo-four in the Cooper S will produce a healthy 201 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque – propelling the Cooper S from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 6.3 seconds. 

The revised grille of the 2025 Mini Cooper S, complete with an integrated radar sensor. The new Mini Hardtop contains a total of 12 sensors to power its driver-assistance functions. 


On the outside, the new Hardtops still reflect the signature design of the classic Mini shape — albeit with a slight styling refresh, including a new grille with an integrated radar sensor and a new rear hatch with a new set of LED matrix taillights. 

Inside, Mini has taken a leaf out of Tesla’s  (TSLA)  playbook, going for an extremely minimal design akin to the interiors of the Model 3, Model Y, and Cybertruck. Gone is the tiny gauge cluster screen and in is a huge 9.4 circular OLED touchscreen display. According to Mini, the touch screen runs Mini’s new Operating System 9, which operates “like that of a smartphone,” with functions arranged as widgets.

The 2025 Mini Cooper S


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Physical buttons are used for climate control and a panoramic glass roof is standard. 

As is with most BMW products, the Mini comes with a plethora of driver assistance features that are useful while the car is in motion and while stopped. For instance, the car comes standard with something called the “Safe Exit” function, which scans the area where you park your precious Mini and warns approaching cars, pedestrians, and bicycles before the door swings open.

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The new 2025 Mini Cooper is set to hit stateside dealerships in the summer of 2024 starting at $29,945 for the Cooper C and $33,195 for the Cooper S. 

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