The mini humidifier that shoppers buy over and over again is now on sale for less than $25

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Have you been waking up with cracked lips and skin these past few weeks? Cold, brisk winter air in your home can cause some uncomfortable side effects, like dry sinuses, sore throats, and extra dry skin, but luckily there may be a solution. Humidifiers can emit plenty of much-need moisture in the air and offer some sweet relief, and they don’t have to cost a fortune either.

One of the most affordable options for humidifiers on Amazon is on super sale right now. After a 27% discount, you can get the Rosekm 2-Liter Humidifier for just $24. It’s earned more than 2,500 five-star ratings, and it’s been purchased more than 20,000 times in the past month. Given the many arctic freezes across the country these past few weeks, that’s not that surprising. And if $24 almost seems a little too cheap for a humidifier, one reviewer wrote, “Honestly, it works better than a $50 humidifier I got after with five-star reviews.” In that case, let’s figure out why that is. 

Rosekm 2-Liter Humidifier, $24 (was $33) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

The Rosekm humidifier gets bonus points from reviewers because of its size. Measuring just 10 inches tall, it’s compact enough to sit on a desk, vanity, or bedside table, but large enough that you don’t have to refill it constantly. No wonder so many reviews talk about buying another one.

“This product is perfect,” wrote one reviewer. “I wanted one with no light, and the LED display on this one automatically turns off after a minute or two. The automatic off timer is clutch for the mornings when I forget to turn it off. It is also a size where you don’t have to refill it every night but it’s small enough that it can easily go on a nightstand.”

It avoids a lot of the pain points people have with humidifiers. Some are loud, need constant refilling, are an eyesore, are too big to refill easily, and don’t have an automatic shutoff. But this one doesn’t have any of those problems and has offered some real relief for some shoppers.

“I purchased this humidifier to help me with dry skin in the winter,” wrote one reviewer. I was looking for something small that did not clash with my décor or call too much attention to itself. … I have been using this for several months and find that I wake up to less tight and itchy skin on my face and lips. When I don’t use it, I noticed that inside my nose in particular (during allergy season) is much drier and uncomfortable.”

Another wrote, “We currently keep it in our bedroom, and it has noticeably helped with dry skin and stuffy noses. I plan on buying another unit to keep in the living room because it has been very beneficial to our health. I’m continually impressed with how significantly a small humidifier like this has changed our daily life for the better. No more stuffed up noses, scratchy throats, dry eyes, or itchy dry skin.”

If this particular size of humidifier doesn’t seem like a fit for you, the other sizes of the Rosekm are on sale as well, including the smaller 1-liter version and the larger 4- and 4.5-liter versions. But the 2-liter humidifier is the most popular, possibly because of its perfectly small-but-not-too-small size. If you’ve been struggling with the effects of winter air, buy the Rosekm 2-Liter Humidifier before it goes up in price, which will probably be any minute now. 

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