The ‘life-changing’ cleaning gel that shoppers use to make ‘everything look new’ is on sale for just $6 at Amazon

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Everyone has a few places around their house or in their car that seem impossible to clean. Brooms and vacuums can’t reach every little crack and crevice, so thousands of people are turning to a unique and surprising cleaning solution at Amazon. Oh, and it’s a no.1 bestseller.

The Pulidiki Car Cleaning Gel is more versatile than its name might imply, and tons of shoppers are using it for other jobs like cleaning keyboards, vents, and fans. The reusable ball of putty is on sale for just $6 right now and is ideal for ridding hard-to-reach areas of dust, dirt, crumbs, and other debris that can’t be cleaned with any other gadget. All you have to do is glide it across any surface and it’ll pick up everything in its path without leaving behind any residue. Several people went as far as to say it “works like magic” and others claim that it’s “life-changing.” 

Pulidiki Cleaning Gel, $6 (was $9) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

The gel can be used over and over again for cleaning various surfaces, but we recommend picking off large debris before placing it back into its jar so it can be used for longer. After each use, simply stretch and reshape the putty to fit back into the jar, and then it’ll be ready for next time. Do not rinse it with water because it can ruin the consistency. Once the gel has become discolored, it’s time for a replacement. Considering a single jar only costs $6 right now, you might want to order more than one since you’ll probably be using it often.

Over 44,000 people have given this cleaning gel a five-star rating, and it’s the top seller in Amazon’s interior care products category. More than 40,000 jars have sold in the past 30 days, and some people own multiple jars because it’s that good.

“I bought a second container of this stuff right after I used it the first time,” one reviewer wrote. “It is so satisfying to get the dirt and crumbs or whatever out of the little cracks and crevices that they get into! It makes everything look new!”

“This gooey substance is absolutely amazing,” another shopper said. “I’ve used it in my car, on my laptop, my keyboard, my phone, my remotes, even my shoes! It cleaned every one of them like they were new! I bought a jar of this a year ago and it’s still cleaning!”

You can use the Pulidiki Car Cleaning Gel on practically anything, making it a versatile and incredibly useful cleaning solution for just $6. Follow suit with thousands of other shoppers and see what the hype is all about for yourself. 

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