The Apple Watch SE Is Now Under $200 on Amazon, AKA Its Lowest Price Ever

With three models in the Apple Watch line, there really has never been a stronger lineup for Apple’s smartwatches. With the second-generation SE just delivering unbeatable value, the Series 8 stacking up health features, and the Ultra everything up a notch, Apple  (AAPL) – Get Free Report is striving for an option for everyone.

Amazon  (AMZN) – Get Free Report is now making one of them even more affordable. The second-generation Apple Watch SE is down to the lowest price we’ve ever tracked at just $199.99 for the 40mm GPS and $229.99 for the 44mm GPS. Either way, that’s a full $50 off the MSRP.

Like with most Apple discounts on Amazon, there is no telling how long it will last so we’d recommend locking in an order soon.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) 40mm GPS ($199.99, originally $249 at Amazon)Apple Watch (2nd Gen) 44mm GPS ($229.99, originally $279 at Amazon)

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Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) (Starting at $199.99, originally $249 at Amazon)

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In our review of the Apple Watch SE, we declared that there is no better value in the smartwatch market and the Apple Watch lineup. Apple continues to deliver on a working formula that equals an excellent first smartwatch or as a great upgrade from the Series 3 (or earlier).

With either 40mm or 44mm size you get a Retina display that lights up when you raise your wrist, interact with the smartwatch, or receive a notification. It is housed in a classic rounded square design and works with all Apple Watch bands. While the screen doesn’t stretch all the way to the edges like the Series 8, it still offers the same maximum brightness at 1,000 nits.

The Apple Watch SE runs watchOS 9 just as smoothly with the same S8 SiP processor. It makes everything run swift, from dictating a message to controlling music and even recording a workout. Apple promised that it’s up to 20% faster than the first generation SE and if you’re coming from a Series 3, 2, or 0 you’ll notice a serious speed bump. Starting or ending a workout happens almost instantly and the Apple Watch is quicker to give health readings.

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In terms of activity feature the second-generation Apple Watch SE gives you full functionality for closing your Activity Rings. Including tracking steps, distance walked, and even flights climbed. In terms of health features it can tackle heart-rate tracking from a second-generation sensor.

You can also track sleep here, but if you’re after blood oxygen tracking, the ability to an ECG, or skin temperature readings you’ll need to get a Series 8. Apple did include the ability to detect a fall as well as the new Car Crash Detection functionality in the second-generation SE though.

Essentially, if you’re alright without an always-on display or all the health features, the Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) is likely the smartwatch for you. There also has never been a better time to get one with Amazon offering the lowest price we’ve tracked for the 41mm GPS and the 44m GPS variants of the second-generation SE.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) 40mm GPS ($199.99, originally $249 at Amazon)Apple Watch (2nd Gen) 44mm GPS ($229.99, originally $279 at Amazon)

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