Target shoppers suddenly buying up common $7 item

If you’re like the millions of Americans with an hour to kill and an appreciation for some quality retail therapy, chances are you’ve spent some time at your local Target  (TGT) – Get Free Report.

Take a stroll down the red and white aisles and you’ll find a treasure trove of things you never knew you needed: sandalwood scented reed diffusers to freshen up your bathroom, cutesy tea towels for every season, adult coloring books, iPads, and ice cream. 

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There really is something for everybody at the Minneapolis, Minn.-based superstore. It’s no wonder it’s earned itself the popular online trope: you don’t go to Target because you need something. You go to Target and let Target tell you what you need. 

The reality is, though, many people do go to Target for their everyday needs. Sure, it may not always be as cheap as competitors like Walmart  (WMT) – Get Free Report or Amazon  (AMZN) – Get Free Report depending on the day or the product, but it’s a really pleasant shopping experience and some customers actually go out of their way to shop at the closest Target as opposed to one of its (perhaps closer) peers. 

Target knows this, which is why it now offers very reasonably priced add-ons in many of its stores, including the hit favorite dollar spot, usually located near the store entrance, where customers can add fun home decor and seasonal favorites (like coffee mugs, pillows, and coloring kits) for usually a few bucks. 

A family shops for holiday gifts in a Target store on Dec. 21, 2023 in Austin, Texas. 

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Common Target item suddenly soars in popularity

But delve deeper into the store and you’ll find a variety of other equally as cute but more full-priced offerings. 

One such item is a Cocktail Coupe Glass by Target’s in-house brand Threshold. 

The 9.8 ounce stemmed cocktail glass is sold individually (as is more commonly the case at many more expensive interior decor and houseware stores) and retails for just $7. It was initially spotted by Target Instagram fan account @TargetDoesItAgain, which boasts over one million online followers. Since its recognition, the glasses have begun selling out. As of this writing there were only three Teal glasses left, which were the ones featured in the Instagram post. 

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“I got these in the pink they are amazing,” one user commented. 

“That’s expensive for that lol,” one commented.

“I need to get these! I was admiring the pink ones last trip,” another wrote. 

Pink drinkware is having something of a moment; undoubtedly the blockbuster “Barbie” movie propelled the color to astronomical heights, and other popular brands have begun cashing in on the trend. 

Stanley, which makes coolers, drink ware, and insulated soup mugs recently released a limited-edition pink Tumbler as a part of Target’s “Galentine’s Collection.” The item sold out online and in stores, with some videos on social media showing dozens of shoppers (mostly young females) lining up to purchase them. Stores instituted a two-item-per-customer limit given the popularity and some are now selling secondhand for hundreds of dollars. 

Social media is surely propelling some of Target’s biggest wins, and given its plans to further expand its in-house brands — many of which target a younger, more online demographic — it may prove to be a winning strategy.

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