Target partners with huge celebrity to offer new line of products

Target has built a key part of its business around offering brands its key rivals don’t. 

Some of those are house brands that the retailer owns. These aren’t the old, basic discount brands that Walmart and Costco have made a major focus in their stores. They’re fully realized high-end brands that the retailer has built from the ground up. 

Target’s women’s activewear line, All In Motion, might not equal Lululemon, but it offers high quality at a much lower price point. The brand’s name may not carry any cache, but simply being owned and operated by Target gives the brand credibility because the retail chain has built a reputation for offering quality house brands.

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In addition to its own offerings. Target has worked with some big names for both permanent and pop-up collections. Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Magnolia brand has a permanent store-within-a-store spot in many Target locations selling merchandise that’s unique to the chain. 

Target has also partnered with jewelry maker Kendra Scott for a unique line, added Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty products to its Ulta Beauty section, and worked with fashion designer Houston White on a unique offering for the retailer. 

The chain has also offered pop-up collections from Vineyard Vines and a limited-time spring fashion collection offer, which a number of big-name designers took part in.

Now, the retail chain has added a new product line from one of the most recognized names in the world to its stores and website.

Kim Kardashian (left) and Kourtney Kardashian


Target adds Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s supplements

Nearly every American knows who the Kardashians are. You may not like them or watch their shows, but you almost certainly know the family.

That name recognition has proved incredibly valuable for the family. Kim Kardashian has made her Skims shapewear a massive brand while her sister Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics has become a huge seller in the fashion space. Even Rob Kardashian, the Frank Stallone or Daniel Baldwin of his family, has had success with his Arthur George line of socks. 

Kourtney Kardashian has now leveraged her own personal health journey to create a new of supplements. Lemme, her supplement brand, started as a direct-to-consumer offering but will now be sold in Target stores and on its website.

“Over the last five years, I went on a mission to collaborate with doctors and scientists to create gummy vitamins and supplements that use clinically backed ingredients and formulations that help you live your best life,” Kardashian wrote on the Lemme website. 

“The twist? I made them so delicious you won’t believe they’re this good for you.” 

Target adds four Kardashian products

Target will sell four bestselling products from Lemme: Lemme Purr, Lemme DeBloat, Lemme Glow and Lemme Chill. They are priced at $30 each.

Lemme Glow supports hair and nail growth while Lemme Debloat is described as a “daily digestive gummy.” Lemme Chill is described as a “destress gummy” and Lemme Purrare “vaginal probiotic gummies.”

The company has a page on its website that outlines how it formulates its products, including ingredients it does not use.

“We collaborated with the best scientists to create delicious gummy vitamins and supplements using clinically backed ingredients and best-for-you botanicals that help you to live a fuller, more balanced life,” the company shared.

Kardashian said that she started focusing on what she puts into her body after she had her first child 13 years ago.

“Since then, I have tried so many different things and met with doctors, gurus, specialists, in pursuit of living my healthiest and most balanced life — from oversized supplements that are difficult to swallow to gummy vitamins that were ok on taste but not so good on ingredients, and I learned so much along the way! None of this made sense to me. Why can’t it be yummy and be good for you,” she wrote.

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