Target Makes a Big Bet on Self-Care Products

Target customers see self-care expand beyond walking down its aisles sipping a Starbucks.

Target believes that self-care is important and not just on April 5 National Self Care Day. It’s important every day.

Self-care was once thought to be only for maybe the spoiled or self-indulgent, but self-care is more respected as a way to cope with day-to-day life and means different things to different people.

A walk in the park when you are feeling overwhelmed can be considered self-care. Knowing when to take some time to take care of yourself can help with reducing anxiety, depression, stress, emotional outbursts, low energy, and help with concentration according to Science Care.

Everyone may have their own individual way of relaxing and creating an environment that is best for them, which is also self-care. Regular sleep, meals and activities are key ways anyone can work to improve. Target  (TGT) – Get Free Report has taken self-care and instituted it into its retail plan. Some consider a trip to Target as self-care, to walk through the aisles drinking a Starbucks, checking out home goods, smelling candles.


Target Bets There’s More to Self-Care Than Visiting a Store

Target is putting more focus on self-care in its aisles, as it is launching thousands of new self-care products to its store this month. Target has face masks, beauty products, and cleaning or hygiene products to help fulfill self-care needs.

“Self-care is one of the areas where we are seeing the fastest growth. The idea of beauty products is expanding to include self-care, self-expression and health — and they all go hand in hand. So many “health” items also relate to beauty, and vice versa.” says Target’s SVP of Essentials and Beauty Cassandra Jones.

More shoppers are not only looking for good affordable self-care products, but also clean products. Shoppers are paying closer attention to what they are putting in and, on their bodies, says Jones. This is why Target is focusing on new brands that are organic, biodegradable and personalized for self-care, she said.

New brands coming to Target include Curology, which has customers take an assessment of their skin type to help the customers find the right product for their needs. It was started by a dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher to help all consumers have access to luxury skin care. Everyday By Unsun and Saltair are two other brands that are coming to Target. These brands are meeting Target’s Clean standards for transparency about what ingredients are in each product. Individuals new to self-care will find new products at Target affordable and some brands that are typically more expensive will offer trial sized products.

Target’s Expands Self-Care And Beauty Lines

Since skin care and beauty products do not have long life cycles, beauty and self-care products weather well through recessions and inflation. Target expanded its beauty products and skin care business in partnership with Ulta Beauty  (ULTA) – Get Free Report and focused on products to boost sales. Other product lines considered to be more unnecessary, like some home goods, will falter, however.

Consumers purchased beauty and skin care products throughout the covid pandemic, and Ulta reported seeing more growth in products that had a focus on self-expression and wellness.

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