Southwest Cancels or Delays Nearly Half Its Flights

Travelers just aren’t feeling the LUV right now.

Between the sting of inflation and the brutal winter storm that bore down on the majority of the U.S. this week, many people’s travel plans were either not so smooth or canceled entirely.

But if you did end up traveling despite all that and you happen to be flying via Southwest  (LUV) – Get Free Report in the next few days, it’s time to check your flight status. That’s because Southwest has canceled 23% of its flights as of Dec. 26, meaning those in a hurry to rush back home after time with family may be stuck in an airport.

Flight-status website FlightAware shows Southwest at the top of the list today for both canceled and delayed flights. As of 11 am EST, the airline has canceled 940 of its flights (the aforementioned 23%). It also delayed 900 of its flights (22%), bringing the total to 1,840 flights not running as planned.

That means hundreds of thousands of people are temporarily stranded.

The problems have been ongoing since Christmas Day, when Southwest canceled 39% of its flights and delayed 43%.

The second highest number of cancellations and delays on Dec. 26 comes from China Air, with a third (32%) of its flights canceled and 3% delayed.

Travelers have taken to social media to post their experiences, many in high states of distress.

Southwest is Struggling

This news comes at a time when Southwest is already coping with some bad press. A recent report from the Federal Aviation Administration highlights concerns with the airline. The documents were initially uncovered by the Wall Street Journal.

“About three-quarters of respondents said the culture in the FAA’s Dallas-area office that oversees Southwest hasn’t improved in recent years, after concerns had been raised regarding its oversight of the airline, according to an internal November survey report. Some respondents questioned the office’s commitment to safety, the documents showed,” the paper reported.

The report also says that Southwest flew dozens of used planes that lacked complete inspection and repair documentation, as well as regularly reporting incorrect luggage-weight data.

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