Southwest Airlines launches multiple new routes to popular vacation destinations

While many travelers have grown very tired of winter and are already starting to plan their summer travel, airlines are thinking farther ahead with tropical routes for the 2024-2025 season. 

Over the four years that have passed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an explosion of traveler interest in Mexico in particular. According to data from the Mexico’s government, the number of international visitors to the country grew by more than 20% by the end of 2023 from the year before while the majority of those visitors came from the U.S.

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Based out of Dallas, Southwest Airlines  (LUV)  has unveiled several new routes that will start running in October of this year — flights to Cancun from Atlanta, Phoenix and San Antonio as well as a new flight between Austin and Cabo San Lucas.

Airlines are launching new routes to Cancun from smaller regional cities.


Southwest makes it easier for residents of this state to get some winter sun

The flights from Austin and Phoenix are seasonal routes that Southwest will resume running on weekends starting from Oct. 5. 

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On the same day, the airline will also resume Sunday flights to Los Cabos from Kansas City and Sacramento as well as launch a flight to Jamaica’s Montego Bay from Fort Lauderdale. 

In the same month, the airline will also start running new domestic flights between Tennessee’s Memphis and Las Vegas and Nashville and Virginia’s Richmond as well as a flight between Nashville and Cancun. The focus on Tennessee is based on data showing the airline underserved markets and where its customers are most interested in flying from without having to transfer.

The flight between Memphis and Las Vegas will run each day between Thursdays and Sundays while the other two routes are slated for weekend service.

Airlines are encouraging you to give the ‘gift of an international getaway’ for Valentine’s Day 

“Our 2024 plan leverages a set of initiatives which, most importantly, includes better aligning the route network to new demand patterns,” Southwest CEO Bob Jordan said in an earnings call released last month. “While it is early in the first quarter, these initiatives are delivering value and we expect them to contribute roughly $1.5 billion in incremental year-over-year pre-tax profits.”

Many of the routes above are also subject to a special Valentine’s Day promotion for those who can commit to booking fall travel before the end of the holiday on Wednesday.

“As Valentine’s Day approaches, customers can purchase their love the gift of an international getaway with several seasonal routes returning for fall travel,” the airline said in promotion of the new routes.

Multiple airlines have been using Feb. 14 to promote their flights and encourage customers to give the gift of travel to their significant other. A small airline offering all-business class flights between NYC and Paris, Nice and Milan, La Compagnie has an annual Valentine’s Day sale in which it offers two-for-one flights. Two tickets to Paris and Nice can be booked for $3,800 on the airline’s website before the end of Feb. 14 while the flight to Milan is available for $4,800 (each ticket comes with a lie-flat seat.)

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