Shoppers say these super-soft pillows feel like ‘sleeping on a cloud,’ and now they’re less than $10 each

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The recipe for a great night’s sleep is so much more than just a comfy mattress and buttery-soft bed sheets. Where you rest your head to get some shut-eye also plays a significant role in whether you toss and turn all night or get your recommended eight hours of sleep.

If a comfortable sleep is something you’ve been dreaming about, a great place to start is with new pillows. Right now, a two-pack of Opposy Queen Bed Pillows are on sale at Amazon for just $19, making each pillow just $9.50 after a 37% discount. That’s a small price to pay for countless future nights of solid slumber.

With this pack, you’ll get two microfiber-filled queen-sized pillows that are both firm and cushy enough so they can work for stomach, back, and side sleepers. If you are looking for different sizes, the pillows are also available in standard and king sizes at varying prices. Thousands of shoppers are already sold, with the set racking up over 3,000 five-star ratings. 

Opposy Queen Bed Pillows, From $19 (was $30) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

The Opposy Queen Pillows have sold over 6,000 times in the last month, earning them a spot in Amazon’s bestselling bed pillow category. After looking at the reviews, it’s not hard to figure out why.

“I was very surprised at how cool and soft it felt all night,” one reviewer wrote. “It felt like sleeping on a cloud. It supported my neck and shoulders. Best money I have spent. Would buy more just to have extras.”

In a review titled “drool-worthy pillows,” one shopper wrote, “Just the right amount of cloud support! I’ve been looking for just this type of pillow and previously bought really expensive ones thinking I had to spend good money to get the perfect pillow, but I was very wrong. Got tired of the expensive ones in a few months and got these instead and couldn’t be happier.”

Reviewers have claimed that on the firmness scale, these pillows are definitely on the softer side, so they literally cradle your head and neck. And honestly, doesn’t that sound nice?

“They keep their shape, and your head falls into a perfect cradle of softness,” wrote one shopper. “This is the second time I’ve purchased these.”

Another shopper who considered buying pillows from a five-star hotel said, “I took a chance on these pillows and to my pleasant and wonderful surprise these pillows are what I’ve been looking for. Very pleased and mostly grateful that they are everything that was described.”

If good sleep is what you seem to be missing in your life, you can start by making a small change and giving the Opposy Queen Bed Pillows a try while they are 37% off at Amazon.

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