Save Up to 50% on Amazon Echo Devices

It’s your chance to save on a smart display, smart speaker, or an accessory like a smart light

Amazon  (AMZN) – Get Free Report offers a bevy of Echo smart speakers and smart displays, but did you know they also make other smart home gadgets. From a compact smart light to a smart plug, the online retailer is expanding the smart home category.

Alongside fresh discounts on the self-rotating Echo Show 10 and doughnut shaped third gen. Echo Dot, you can save on Amazon-made smart home gadgets. You can see the full products apart of the sale here, but ahead we’re sharing some of the best.

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Echo Show 10 ($184.99, originally $249.99 at Amazon)


Some might think it’s cool, others may think it is weird but the Echo Show 10 uses a camera and on-device processing to always keep the screen in your direction. Meaning that if you’re catching up on a show, on a video call, or following a recipe in your kitchen the smart display will always try to remain in your line of sight.

Asides from this unique trick, which is only available on the Show 10, it boasts a larger, clear display and excellent sound. Like the 4th Gen Echo, the Echo Show 10 offers a wide soundstage for any genre and gets quite loud. With far-field microphones built-in Alexa is only a call away to answer any questions or control smart home gadgets.

You can get $65 off the Echo Show 10 when you enter code FEBSHOW10 at check-out. This will bring the price down to $184.99 from $249.99.

Echo Dot Third Gen ($19.99, originally $39.99 at Amazon)


An Echo for under $20? That is exactly what Amazon is offering with this deal on the third-generation Echo Dot. It boasts a flat, doughnut like design that provides decent audio. The best part here though is that it is one of the cheapest ways to add music or instant access to Alexa to any room.

It’s 50% off on Amazon right now at $19.99 and is eligible for free Prime shipping.

Echo Glow ($19.99, originally $29.99 at Amazon)


The Echo Glow is marketed as a smart lamp for kids, but it’s really just a colorful smart bulb that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Down to just $19.99 the Echo Glow is easily set up alongside an Echo speaker or display since it’s an Alexa gadget. From there you can set it with a routine to automatically turn on or off. Better yet though, you can control it with Alexa to set really any color.

Amazon Smart Plug ($14.99, originally $24.99 at Amazon)


If you’re only in Amazon’s smart home ecosystem or just want Alexa to be able to turn something on or off, this Smart Plug is worth a look. It exclusively works with Alexa and gives you voice access to turning the plug on or off. Pair it with a light, fan, or dehumidifier and you can make that device a smart device.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at the time of publishing.

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