Samsung’s newest OLED TVs take a page from The Frame TV, and I got to see them in person

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Samsung’s made a splash with OLED TVs for two years in a row now, and they’re officially going for three. Alongside artistic enhancements to the Frame TV and a picture frame that plays music, Samsung is adding a pretty ingenious feature to its higher-end flagship OLED TV, and I got to see it early.

The S95D stays true to high-end OLEDs with vibrant pops of color and high levels of contrast, thanks to the fact that each pixel illuminates. But the real story in 2024 is a special coating that Samsung is layering on top, an industry first. The brand’s so-called “OLED Glare-Free Technology” is a special finish on the screen that drastically reduces reflections and glare from light and household objects.

This might sound similar to a feature of the Frame TV, and you’d be right, except this is a new technology that Samsung had to develop for an OLED screen. It’s something that competing makers like LG haven’t rolled out yet, and with the new 2024 S95D side-by-side with 2023’s S95C in a test environment with faux windows to the side, the tech does indeed make a difference.

Jacob Krol/TheStreet

While the S95C did show a more true reflection, the S95D is a more muted, less visible result. You can see it in the embedded video below, but it lets you pay more attention to what’s on the screen. 

So, while you may not consider this a giant leap forward for OLED TVs, the addition of this glare-free technology does seem like a game changer. As far as other improvements with the S90D and S95D, you’ll score improved audio from upgraded speakers, a new Tizen OS smart interface, and support for the latest iteration of Q-Symphony. The latter will make the TV the main speaker or center channel when used with a Samsung soundbar or home audio system.

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Samsung will launch its latest OLEDs later in 2024, but if you’re eager to see a nearly glare-free screen, you can sign up for more information and lock in an exclusive $100 discount towards a new home entertainment product. The S95D is certainly the most interesting out of the two, but it’s worth noting that the standard S90D will be a more affordable OLED option that delivers a vivid visual experience.

Still, with no glare-free coating, you should also consider the savings on the 2023 Samsung OLED lineup, as the entry-level S90C is up to $1,400 off.

55-inch Samsung S90C OLED TV, $1,600 (was $1,900) at Samsung65-inch Samsung S90C OLED TV, $1,800 (was $2,600) at Samsung77-inch Samsung S90C OLED TV, $2,700 (was $3,600) at Samsung83-inch Samsung S90C OLED TV, $4,00 (was $5,400) at Samsung

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