Samsung’s 2024 Neo QLED and OLED TVs focus on smarts and improved picture quality

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Ahead of the official start of CES 2024—the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas—and even before Samsung’s press conference, the technology giant is unveiling its 2024 home entertainment lineup.

As in years past, it’s filled with upgrades to Neo QLED 4K and 8K, OLED, and Frame TV, as well as an expansion to its Premiere line of projectors and home audio products. Furthermore, we got an early first look at Samsung’s latest home entertainment products.

In typical TV launch fashion, much of these will arrive at stores and be available for purchase later this year, likely in the Spring of 2024. Much like the current pre-reserve deal ahead of Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung’s sweetening the deal, and you can lock in $100 off one new home entertainment product when they launch later this year.

Read on for all the details about Samsung’s 2024 TV and home audio lineup, our first impressions, and how to lock in that exclusive deal.

Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs: What you need to know

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The heart of Samsung’s TV lineup is its Neo QLED 4K TVs, which sport mini LED-powered visuals that ensure vibrant pops of color and impressive upscaling. For 2024, Samsung will double down on that with two flagship models: QN85D and QN90D.

Both are powered by the upgraded 2024 Quantum Neural Processor 4K, which features a Real Depth Enhancer Pro that focuses on sharpening the foreground as it is likely the focus of whatever you’re watching. We’re interested in seeing how this performs against Sony’s Bravia XR Cognitive Processor, which does a similar process by focusing on where the human eye looks first.

That new technique aside, the Neural Quantum Processor 4K will still handle upscaling for all content to ensure it looks its best and creates a compelling visual experience. AI is, of course, involved here and lands as a new picture mode that automatically adjusts visual specs like brightness and contrast based on what you’re watching.

Interestingly enough, you’ll train it to a degree by sharing your preferred visual settings during setup, and it will then use that to make the call based on what you’re watching. This will also be found on the Neo QLED 8K, OLED, and Frame TV models, Real Depth Enhancer Pro, and the new processor.

Both the QN85D and QN90D will come in a plethora of sizes from 55-inches to 85-inches and 43-inches to 98-inches, respectively. Samsung also shared that there will be a focus on larger screen sizes across its respective lineups.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs: What you need to know

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Like Mando and Grogu, Neo QLED is a clan of two, and Samsung has two premium options in the 8K realm: the QN800D and QN900D. Both of these sport a full 8K resolution with a laundry list of specs and a keen ability to upscale any content.

For 2024, it’s powered by what Samsung is calling its most innovative processor yet, the NQ8 AI Gen3, which doubles on-device AI performance from last year and offers eight times the neural networks. All this means it should be better at upscaling and can handle the analysis and adjustments even more instantaneously.

The flagship QN900D, which tops at 85 inches, can upscale standard resolution content to 4K and 4K content into 8K to ensure that whatever you’re watching looks great. It’s also the first TV to support a variable refresh rate of 244Hz, which makes it an ideal pairing with a next-gen console like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

These fall under the 8K AI Upscaling Pro and AI Motion Enhancer Pro feature titles, but the latter also promises to improve watching sports content. It can track the ball on-screen to ensure sharpness and clarity for that specific part of the visual experience. Pretty neat if you ask us.

Mini LEDs and Quantum Dots power visuals on the QN900D and QN800D—just like the Neo QLED 4K lineup—, and we expect Samsung is packing in a ton of zones this year and coupling that with the software elements all powered by the latest generation processor.

Additionally, the QN900D emphasizes the visuals and design with a new “Air Infinity Stand” that will make it seem like it’s floating. Just like previous Samsung TVs, it sports a One Connect box for easy peripheral management.

Samsung OLED TVs: What you need to know

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While Samsung is sticking with a two-model approach for its OLED TV lineup, one is stealing a page from the ultra-popular Frame TV’s playbook. The higher-end S95D is getting a glare-free coating to improve your TV-watching experience and block reflections. This means that household objects and lights—ambient or environmental—won’t appear on the screen, and you’ll get better viewing angles.

This extra coating doesn’t add any thickness to the S95D, which is less than 11-millimeters thick, nor does it impact color or contrast levels. Just like 2023’s Samsung OLEDs, the S95D and S90D retain Pantone-validated colors. In addition to this picture improvement, Samsung says it’s also improved audio performance on the S95D.

We’re really eager to further test the S95D and S90D, when they arrive later this year, but it will no doubt further improve the Samsung OLED experience.

Samsung Frame TV: What you need to know

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Samsung’s The Frame TV is one of the most instantly recognizable televisions on the market thanks to its design that looks like an actual frame and its ability to show off works of art when it’s not in use. It’ll likely have you complete a double-take and pair the elegance of framed artwork with all the smarts of Quantum Dot 4K LED TV.

For 2024, much of The Frame TV will stay the same—it’ll come in sizes 32-inches up to 85 inches, it’s a 4K QLED (Quantum Dot LED) visual experience with a custom matte coating to make art look more realistic and to block glare, and comes with the slim-gap wall mount.

Like Samsung’s OLED TVs, The Frame TV will now further impress with colors as they are Pantone Art Validated—meaning you can expect colors to be more vivid and in line with those standards. Additionally, when in “Art Mode,” the Frame TV—specifically the 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch—will use less power by dropping to a variable 60Hz refresh rate.

You can also expect an improved Art Store with over 2,500 pieces of art to pick from. Plus, as a free perk for non-members and even for those who do subscribe, you can get a rotating selection of pieces of art to try out.

Samsung Music Frame: What you need to know

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While we were expecting Samsung to usher in its next generation of TVs and soundbars, we weren’t expecting a wireless speaker disguised as a picture frame. Yet, Samsung’s Music Frame is precisely that.

It does indeed look like a picture frame, and it can be wall-mounted or stand on its own. However, inside, it boasts a ton of connectivity to help power your smart home by acting as an IOT or Internet of Things hub and audio hardware. Specifically, it features two mid-drivers, two tweeters, and two woofers, which are impressive specs for a speaker. Like a Sonos speaker or Apple HomePod, it will tune the audio to the room it’s in—Samsung’s calling this “SpaceFit Technology.”

You can pair the Music Frame individually, wirelessly, with a Samsung TV to act as a speaker, a soundbar, or even a subwoofer. You’ll also be able to cast from a smartphone via presumably the SmartThings app for music playback. We have to imagine that two of these paired with a Frame TV might make for the most aesthetically pleasing home entertainment setup imaginable.

You can sign-up now to save later

Alongside a treasure trove of new TVs and audio products, Samsung is also inviting folks to sign-up to mark your interest and lock in an exclusive discount. Similar to pre-reserving the next Galaxy smartphone, you can sign-up with your name and email to score $100 off a new home entertainment product when it arrives later this year.

Samsung’s even sweetening the deal, as you’re also entered to win a Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen compact projector. And if you don’t want to wait for a 2024 model OLED, Neo QLED, or Frame TV, you can see some of the best Samsung TV deals ahead. 

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