Reality Star Bethenny Frankel Pulls Back the Curtain on a Major TJ Maxx Scam

Multi-millionaire Bethenny Frankel knows how to spend her money, and she certainly knows how to spot a deal. The former ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star will often take to her TikTok or Instagram accounts to share her thoughts with followers, often revealing great (and not-so-great) deals she finds on luxury items.

And like so very many of us frequent shoppers, Bethenny can often be found perusing the shelves of her local TJ Maxx  (TJX) – Get Free Report. And in her recent TikTok video, she let everyone know that if you’re shopping the Maxx for some discounted Manolo Blahnik shoes, you’d best know how to spot the difference between the real deal and what Bethenny calls “fauxnolos.”


Scams do happen @T.J.Maxx @Manolo Blahnik #fauxnolos #scam #counterfeit @Neiman Marcus

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“Here’s how the TJ Maxx scam happens,” Frankel tells her audience from what looks to be the seat of an airplane. “You buy real Manolos from TJ Maxx. Then you buy fauxnolos from China and you switch the stickers. You take the fauxnolos with the sticker back to the cashier, and they credit your credit card. Then you sell the real Manolos on a secondary website.”

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Yikes! What’s more, Frankel has seen this scam happen before.

“This happened at Neiman’s for years,” she explains, “where a woman was going in and buying real Chanel bags, and then buying the fake one and returning the fake one with the real receipt to Neiman Marcus.” According to Frankel, she tried to offer a solution to the problem.

“This is why I told Chanel years ago[…] many brands need to have[…] a hologram sticker so if you go to return it, it would be declined because it’s not authentic.”

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