Real Housewife Turned Millionaire Bethenny Frankel Has Harsh Words About Passengers on Lost Titanic Submarine

Former “Real Housewives” star Bethenny Frankel has made a name for herself as an entrepreneur and investor since her time on Bravo’s hit TV series. But naturally, fans are still drawn to her personality, tuning into her TikTok and Instagram accounts for her latest thoughts on fashion, finance, and pop culture.

News headlines have been dominated by details of OceanGate, the underwater submersible trapped somewhere along its way to visit the wreckage of the sunken Titanic. The sub has on board a small handful of wealthy, high-profile passengers, including billionaire explorer Hamish Harding. Everyone is weighing in on the topic — including Frankel.

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No stranger to spending big money for a good time, Bethenny Frankel has strong opinions on the thrill-seeking aspect. “Who gets into a submarine that’s not Jacques Cousteau?” she asked in an Instagram reel. “You want to be adventurous? Drink four margaritas and see what happens. Try a bathing suit on without your underwear, go to Burning Man dressed as a parakeet, I don’t know.”

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“But going on a submarine, jumping out of airplanes, riding motorcycles, swimming with sharks — all of these things seem like a bad idea,” she declares. “And it’s so tragic and so sad and so terrible.”

At the time of her comments, OceanGate passengers had an estimated 33 hours of air left — a fact which was not lost on Frankel. “God bless those poor people,” she said at the end.

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