Union Realty

Union Realty

Union Realty

We develop different investment vehicles from the real estate market to achieve a balance between sustainable profitability, valuation, and asset protection.

Section 8

Is a program of the federal government of the United States for housing rental, in which it assigns apartments to families covering between 60% and 80% of the cost of their rent and paying directly to the owner (investor) of each unit or apartment, the value of the monthly rent for a given period.

This program or initiative is created to meet the housing needs of low-income families in order to help boost the country’s economy. How do they do that? Subsidizing the rents of these families and thus lightening their economic burden to encourage either savings or spending so that they can have a more dignified life.

Union Realty

Union Realty


From projects such as those based on Section 8, Union Realty develops a real estate crowdfunding ecosystem in which different people who do not have the capacity to participate in 100% of an apartment or complete a project, can do so through installments of smaller real estate participation and through a fiduciary contract. This portfolio also structures a percentage placement in crypto equities with the aim of developing a hybrid investment between liquidity and profitability in the short term through a placement in a crypto portfolio and placement for real estate development with collateral. The investor obtains his certificate of real estate participation through a Security Token issued in trust.

Credit Leverage

An excellent real estate investment vehicle is the acquisition of different lot options that we have available in Florida, with which you can build, wait for appreciation or we can help you leverage credit.

Some options:

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We are a highly professional and diligent team that manages a responsible, prudent, measured, and controlled administration, which make certain to maximize the resources of our clients and the fund.

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