Our Products


Our Products

We have several investment portfolios designed for each of your needs.

How do we do it?

Our commitment is to provide you with the best financial solutions available with an exclusive portfolio of services designed to help you achieve your goals, which offers innovative investment opportunities within everyone’s reach.

We manage and maximize your capital through a wide and attractive diversified investment portfolio with different products so you may invest in the united states financial sector.

Lineal Plan

This product is designed for people seeking liquidity in the medium term. Manages annual plans with closing quarterly returns.

Dynamic Plan

It is a portfolio designed for people who seek to increase their assets in the medium term, taking advantage of compound interest to accelerate growth. Manage plans of at least two years.

Retirement Plan

It is a combined strategy that leverages compound interest over complete 5 year market cycles, managing ry low propensity for risk.

Crypto Portfolio

The crypto portfolio is based on a careful selection of assets that play a fundamental role in the current market.

Union Realty

We develop different investment vehicles from the real estate market to achieve a balance between sustainable profitability.

Strategy and vision of how we invest

The best investment alternatives, within everyone's reach

Our Team

We are a highly professional and diligent team that manages a responsible, prudent, measured, and controlled administration, which make certain to maximize the resources of our clients and the fund.

Investment Distribution

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