NFL conference championship game ticket prices will give you sticker shock

This weekend, NFL fans will be blessed with two championship games between some of the most high-profile NFL teams (and one upstart Cinderella): the Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship, and the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens for the AFC championship. But if you’re looking to snatch up tickets to cheer for your favorite team in person, get ready to pay a hefty sum to get through the doors.

The current get-in ticket price for the Lions vs. 49ers game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara is $560, according to data from SeatGeek, and the average resale ticket price is $1,218. For the Chiefs vs. Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, the get-in price is $720, and the average resale ticket price is $964.

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Why the ticket prices are so high

As all four teams are fighting for a spot at this year’s Super Bowl, the high demand for both games aligns with the historical implications each matchup has, which is one of the main factors driving up ticket costs.

For the Lions vs. 49ers matchup, the last time the Lions made it to the Super Bowl was never, and the team’s last NFC championship game was in 1992. The 49ers’ history in the conference is way more decorated as the last time the team appeared in the Super Bowl was  2020. The team has also played in three of the last four conference championship games in recent year with Sunday’s game making it four out of five. 

“While the 49ers have made back-to-back Championship appearances, this will be the first time in 32 years that the Lions will be stepping onto the field with the hopes of bringing home a divisional title,” said SeatGeek.

DETROIT, MI – JANUARY 14: Detroit Lions running back Jahmyr Gibbs (26) runs with the ball into the end zone for a touchdown during an NFL NFC Wild Card playoff football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Detroit Lions on January 14, 2024 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. 

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On the AFC side, with the Chiefs vs. Ravens matchup, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding both teams. The Chiefs’ last Super Bowl was also in 2020 when the team played against the 49ers, and won. Also, the Chiefs has been getting swarmed with media attention all season as a certain high-profile singer has been making weekly appearances at the team’s games (cough cough) Taylor Swift.

For the Ravens, Baltimore fans have a lot to be excited about as it’s been 11 years since the team made it to the Super Bowl.

“Also similar to what we’re seeing in the NFC, fan excitement is likely a large driver of demand, with the Ravens making their first Championship appearance since 2013 when the team then went on to win the organization’s second Super Bowl,” said SeatGeek.

Ticket prices for previous NFC and AFC championship games

For the NFC championship game this year, the average resale ticket price of $1,218 isn’t abnormally high compared to the last two years. In 2023, the average resale ticket price for the NFC championship game, which featured the 49ers vs. Eagles, was $1,333, according to SeatGeek data. In 2022, the average resale ticket price was $1,166 where the 49ers and Rams went head to head.

What stands out about this year’s NFC championship game is the current $560 get-in price, which exceeds the lowest ticket price that was sold in 2023, which was $360, and in 2022, the lowest was $402.

For the AFC championship game this year the $964 average resale ticket price stands above the levels set over the past few years. The 2021 AFC championship game, which featured the Bills vs. Chiefs, came close to this year’s price as the average ticket resale price was $956, according to SeatGeek data.

Regarding the current get-in price for this year’s AFC championship game, which is $720, the price is a stark increase from what the lowest ticket price was for the past few years. Last year, the lowest ticket price that was sold for the AFC championship game was $93. Also, in 2022, the get-in price was $279, and in 2021, it was $138.

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