New York Governor Issues Another Health Warning Due to More Incoming Canadian Wildfires

A series of wildfires continue to rage across Canada, blowing smoke across the country and into the U.S. On Tuesday, June 27, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul issued a health advisory warning for New York and North Jersey, saying there could be bouts of dangerous air quality that could reach “hazardous levels in the coming days.” 

Air quality is predicted to remain dangerous or downgrade to an “unhealthy for sensitive groups” status until predicted weekend rain helps clear the skies.

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What does this mean? It’s best for children, elderly people, and folks with respiratory or heart conditions to take it easy on heavy activity. As air quality concerns pop up all across the Northern U.S., N95 masks have seen an understandable boost in demand. Many living on the West Coast, where wildfires are all too common, recommend getting comfortable in that N95 while outdoors.

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Residents of the U.S. Northeast Coast should look out for changes in air quality, according to meteorologist Alex Dodd. “What we’re seeing over the next 24 hours here is some generally westerly to west-northwest winds pushing in some of the remnant wildfire smoke that is thicker to the west of the Appalachians,” Dodd said. 

“It does not look like the conditions that they are experiencing over western Pennsylvania and Ohio are going to get here at least through Thursday. But we are starting to see some reduced air-quality conditions over eastern Pennsylvania.”

Earlier this month, smoke blowing into New York City turned the skyline a smoky orange, driving residents indoors. As the summer continues, firefighters are waiting for many fires to burn themselves out naturally — meaning it could be a long, hazy summer for the Northern United States.

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