New York City May Be Gearing Up For a Bold New Event

Mayor Eric Adams has already signaled his interest.

Formula One may add an additional race in the U.S. in the future — and some folks are hoping they hold it in a key business market.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenecali told Sky Sports in an interview that there’s been continued interest from the US to add a Formula One race.

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“There is a lot of interest in far East Asia, more interest in the U.S.,” he said, adding that “we have three [in the U.S.], which I think is the right number for the next couple of years.”

However, Domenecali did caveat that an additional race in the U.S. may not happen in the near future as other areas of the world are prioritized. A race in Africa seems to be on the top of the priority list for the motorsport league and has received a lot of support from seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The U.S. already has three races: the United States Grand Prix in Austin, the Miami Grand Prix that was added last year, and the Las Vegas Grand Prix set to debut in November. 

If the U.S. does add a fourth race, there’s speculation that New York City could be the next destination.

Last year’s Constructors Champions Red Bull also held their season launch in The Big Apple this year. Team Principal Christian Horner complemented the city and said a race there would be a “spectacle.” And he wasn’t the only one to present the thought.

“Who wouldn’t want to race in New York?” F1 Director of media rights told Front Office Sports.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams already made the proposition in 2020 for the city to be a Formula One destination. However, the idea was dismissed by Liberty Media President Greg Maffei due the infeasibility of the proposed street race around Randalls and Wards Island.

But with Formula One continuing to expand in the U.S., New York presents as a strong market should logistics be ironed out.

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