New Wendy’s Menu Items Borrow Heavily From Taco Bell

Wendy’s generally plays it pretty safe.

The number two fast-food burger chain usually cycles a few new menu items in each quarter, but in most cases, they’re just bringing back past fan favorites.

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Wendy’s  (WEN) – Get Free Report doesn’t have an official schedule but it tends to bring the same limited-time-offers LTOs back at the same time each year. The summer means the return of the Strawberry Salad along with strawberry replacing vanilla as a Frosty flavor.

The company has also cycled in different takes on its french fries, which usually share an ingredient with whatever LTO burger has joined the menu. That’s actually what the chain will be doing later this summer, but it’s going a little bolder than the chain normally does.

Wendy’s latest LTOs, a burger, a chicken sandwich, and french fries, will borrow heavily from flavors usually associated with Yum Brands (YUM) – Get Free Report Taco Bell. It’s a change for the company which has usually been pretty conservative.

Wendy’s has generally taken a conservative approach to menu changes.

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Wendy’s Adds Some Mexican Flair

While Wendy’s has not confirmed the offerings, the fast-food chain plans to bring a new hamburger, a similar chicken sandwich, and a new type of french fries to its menus in August. The news, which was first reported by Chewboom, was seen via leaked internal documents that appeared on Reddit.

Previous leaks from the same sources have proven to be true.

“Leaked images posted on Reddit indicate the Loaded Nacho lineup with include a new Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger, Loaded Nacho Chicken Sandwich, and Queso Fries,” the website shared. “…The Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger and Loaded Nacho Chicken Sandwich each feature their respective protein, plus ‘spicy’ chipotle sauce, tomato, lettuce, American cheese, poblano queso, spicy corn, and tortilla chips on a jalapeno cheddar bun.”

The images did not show a recipe for the Queso Fries, but the accompanying picture shows that they appear to be made with both shredded cheese and a cheese sauce.

Generally, when Wendy’s adds a new limited-time sandwich, it removes another one from its menu. The chain is currently offering a number of varieties of its Pretzel Pub Burger.

Wendy’s Also Adds New “Frosty” Cold Brew Coffee

Wendy’s, which has never been known for its coffee is making a move to take on McDonald’s (MCD) – Get Free Report McCafe line. The chain has added Frosty Cream Cold Brew to its all-day menu.

“Merging smooth, cold brew coffee steeped for 12 hours, with Wendy’s signature Frosty creamer and your choice of rich vanilla, chocolate, or new caramel syrup — the Frosty Cream Cold Brew is swirled to perfection over ice! While the other guys serve bitter iced coffee, Wendy’s is the only hamburger chain to serve up cold brew nationally,” the company shared in a press release.

Wendy’s previously offered a “Frostycinno,” which mixed its Frosty syrup with regular coffee. That item appears to no longer be offered. The chain is celebrating its new coffee by offering it for $0.99 through August 6 for anyone who purchases it via the chain’s app.

McDonald’s offers a full line of espresso-based beverages and frozen Frappuccino-like drinks as well.

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