New Las Vegas Strip Venue Caters to Your ‘Fantasies’

Las Vegas introduces a new immersive ‘Fantasy’ entertainment experience.

Las Vegas has a reputation for being a place where all people are allowed, and even encouraged to let go of following rules and budgets and live in the moment. The entertainment life of the city and tourism has been on the shoulders of the two major property owners of the Vegas Strip, Caesars Entertainments  (CZR) – Get Free Report and MGM Resorts International  (MGM) – Get Free Report.

Caesars Entertainment hosts a multitude of entertainment beyond its numerous resorts and casinos. Recently it was announced that at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace would host Garth Brooks, Adele, and magical performances by Criss Angel at Planet Hollywood. Entertainment doesn’t come cheap either, tickets to see the legendary magician range from $79-$159. However, tickets to see Garth go up to $2,500

MGM Resorts offers its fair share of entertainment and attractions for tourists as well. MGM hosts multiple shows of the world-renowned acrobatic performances of Cirque du Soleil hosted at New York-New York Hotel and Casino, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Mandalay Bay, and the MGM Grand. The MGM Grand resort also hosts another well-known magician, David Copperfield.

Roughly 38 million people visited Las Vegas in 2022, still not up to the pre-pandemic figure of 42 million in 2019, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Traveling to Vegas for a convention, work or fun, there is always plenty of ways to take in some epic entertainment and dining.

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Vegas Enjoys New Entertainment

Entertainment that debuted in Mexico City has come to Las Vegas. The Fantasy Lab is an immersive art experience of the Time to Dream Journey with multiple different experiences. Guests will experience the rooms of: Enlightenment, Kaleidoscope, Insomnia, Stars, Circus, Labyrinth, and Nightmare. The Fantasy Lab is a way for guests to experience a multitude of thoughts, emotions and dreams. It includes the use of LED and audio technology to create a space filled with emotions like love, hope, fear, heartbreak, beauty, nostalgia and madness, according to the Fantasy Lab’s website. 

The Fantasy Lab, which is located inside the Fashion Mall Show, also serves up food and drinks. Tickets to take the journey through the Fantasy Lab experiences are $42 for general admission. Guests younger than 8 are not allowed, and guests younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. As Las Vegas isn’t generally geared toward young children, the age restriction isn’t expected to be a big fuss. While there is a price to enter the Time to Dream Journey experiences, there is no admission needed to enter the kitchen and bar of Fantasy Lab.

The experience of a Time to Dream Journey started with Ricardo L. Franco and Ricky Franco, a father-son combination team, that set out to create the Fantasy Lab by using technology to create a unique and uplifting experience. The original Fantasy Lab opened in Mexico City back in 2020.

Vegas Offers Up New Fantasy Dreams IRL 

Each of the experiences bring about different emotions and enable guests to relax through one experience and be entertained or frightened in the next. The complete time spent traveling through the Fantasy Lab’s Time to Dream Journey is an hour and 10 minutes. Guests should experience each room for 10 minutes each.

Some guests might think the journey room experiences are like a walk through “Alice in Wonderland,” according to Las Vegas Weekly and others might think it takes them into a world like “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Whichever movie sparks your imagination is the correct one, as there is no right or wrong way to enjoy the immersive experience. 

The Fantasy Lab also offers private events and even annual membership for those who either live in or frequent Las Vegas, for only $59. Membership includes both the Las Vegas and Mexico City locations, and members will enjoy 10% off the bar and merchandise. When a member is attending the Fantasy Labs, they can receive 50% off for a guest, however it is limited to only one per day.

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