Mr. Wonderful Asks Social Media for Business Pitches — and the Results are Absurd

‘Shark Tank’ superstar investor Kevin O’Leary often uses his Twitter to promote his latest talk show appearance or drop business advice. But on June 20, Mr. Wonderful decided to open up a whole Pandora’s Box with one very simple tweet.

“Pitch me,” O’Leary writes to his followers. “Articulate your idea in 200 characters or less.” And the replies are about what you’d expect from an open-source Twitter thread — a whole lot of crypto pitches and some very silly ideas.

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Trolls were quick to “pitch” O’Leary the concept of FTX, poking fun at the investor’s past support of the recently-bankrupt crypto exchange platform. You know what they say — the internet never forgets.

Some pitches are just silly, like a yoga studio and dog daycare called “Stretch & Fetch”. That’s a quality dad joke right there, even if it’s not a functional business idea.

But there are also plenty of genuine pitches, the majority of which seem to revolve around cryptocurrency or AI technology. Several of the pitches, like this user’s “stock market for music” do stand out as viable ideas. But there’s a lot of risk involved with posting your business ideas on a public forum like Twitter.

If any of the ideas pitched so far have tickled Mr. Wonderful’s fancy, he’s not saying anything publicly. It will be worth looking toward the future to see if O’Leary’s next venture includes any businesses from this little online adventure. Though picking through the noise to find good pitches may take a while.

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