Mountain Dew, Red Bull Introduce New Summer Flavors

PepsiCo and Red Bull testing some new products and looking for a winner.

PepsiCo’s  (PEP) – Get Free Report fan favorite brand Mountain Dew is at it again, and this time just in time for the heat waves that come with summer. Whether it’s just a marketing tactic or a real market test to see if a new flavor should be added to the Mountain Dew line, the beverage company is always out there keeping consumers on their toes. 

Pepsi has launched and relaunched its Mountain Dew inspired VOO-DEW for several years now during the Halloween season. VOO-DEW is a creepy creation that is white and has a flavor like sour candies. Pepsi had previously released a limited edition Mountain Dew called Pitch Black during the Halloween season, and it was a punch flavored soda that was dark purple. Pepsi was also successful with its Mountain Dew Live Wire and Code Red editions. The Live Wire comes in an orange flavor and Code Red comes in cherry flavor.

Mountain Dew Summer Launch

PepsiCo has launched its summer limited-edition Mountain Dew Summer Freeze, which is a combination of classic Mountain Dew flavor and a red, white, and blue ice pop, according to Chew Boom. The ice pop flavors are reminiscent of summers past with the ice cream truck making a stop in the neighborhood. The citrus flavors mixed with cherry, lemon and raspberry flavors offers a wild new flavor from Mountain Dew.

The new Summer Freeze edition Mountain Dews will be sold in individual bottles (20 ounces), a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans or in a six-pack of bottles (16.9 ounces). The limited edition is being sold through the 2023 summer, but are only available as supplies last. Mountain Dew Summer Freeze will be available in both regular and zero sugar versions.

Consumers who drink Mountain Dew, like its citrus flavor and the jolt of caffeine they get from the drink with all its flavors. When the ‘doing the dew’ just isn’t going to cut it to get the caffeine kick one needs to get the job done, Red Bull has got them covered with its berry-flavored energy drinks. Mountain Dew has about 54 mg of caffeine per can, and Red Bull cans have 80mg of caffeine.

Red Bull has got some ideas for a new limited edition summer drink as well. Whether is the flavor or the need for a serious burst of energy, Red Bull is also coming to the summer party with a new flavor as well. Juneberry is Red Bull’s limited-edition flavor this summer. Not sure what Juneberries tastes like, they are sort of like blueberries, but they are less tart. They also are sweeter than blueberries and have a taste similar to raisin. The new Red Bull Juneberry has 80 mg of caffeine per 8.4-ounce can.

Red Bull and Mountain Dew Set Summer Target

This summer both Red Bull and Mountain Dew are ready for the party to start as both have introduced their respective summer flavors. The crowds that enjoy the taste and energy boost that both Red Bull and Mountain Dew gives an image that the summer party is going to last all night long. Really the party will last all summer long or as long as supplies last. 

The launch of new flavors can be considered a test market study, for the beverage companies. The company gets to say, ‘hey check this great new flavor out while supplies last!’ creating a stir around the brand. It may make someone think, man I don’t want a raisin flavored drink, but I could go for a regular Red Bull right about now. 

When launching a limited edition, if it is a total flop in the market, the company can just chalk that up to a test that went sour. However, if the new flavor creates a huge demand, the company then has concrete data showing that the new flavor might stand a chance as a permanent addition to the company’s brands. Mountain Dew Baja Blast is a perfect example of a launch that made it to the permanent Mountain Dew table. 

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