Mattel launches film industry Barbies as part of new career collection

TheStreet’s J.D. Durkin brings the latest business headlines from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as markets close for trading Wednesday, January 10th.

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J.D. DURKIN: I’m J.D. Durkin, reporting from the New York Stock Exchange.

Stocks were in the green to close out today’s session. The Dow closed up 170 points, the Nasdaq closed up seven-tenths of a percent, and the S&P closed up five-tenths of a percent.

The focus for investors this week is key inflation data: Thursday’s Consumer Price Index and Friday’s Producer Prices. These reports will shed light on the economy while offering hints about the Fed’s future interest rate decisions. Following these reports, Wall Street will turn its attention to fourth-quarter earnings season as the big banks release results on Friday.

In other news, after a blockbuster movie that brought in over a billion dollars to the box office and two Golden Globe wins, Mattel is making Barbie a full-time member of the movie industry. The company announced its 2024 Barbie Career of the Year-themed dolls, and the iconic toy is taking on Hollywood.

Mattel introduced four new dolls for its “Women in Film” series. There’s Studio Executive Barbie, Director Barbie, Cinematographer Barbie, and, yes, Movie Star Barbie. Each doll is on sale for $50 apiece. The company says the dolls are meant to encourage girls to be creative and think about a potential career in the movie industry.

It’s the second year in a row that Mattel has chosen to give Barbie careers in typically male-dominated industries. The 2023 Career Dolls featured sports-related jobs, including Coach, Referee, and General Manager.

The first Barbie debuted back in 1959, but Mattel didn’t create the “Career of the Year” spotlight until 2010. Since its start, Barbie has held over 250 different jobs.

That’ll do it for your daily briefing. From the New York Stock Exchange, I’m J.D. Durkin with TheStreet.

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