Mark Zuckerberg Reveals the Gigantic Amount He Eats Every Day (It Involves McDonald’s)

They say beach bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym, and Mark Zuckerberg seems to be taking that to heart. 

The Meta  (META) – Get Free Report founder and CEO has been vocal about his love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). He won a gold medal in the Nogi Master 1 White Belt Feather Weight Division and the Silver medal in the Gi Master 2 White Belt Feather Weight Division at a recent tournament. Shortly thereafter, he announced he had been promoted to blue belt.  

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And while it’s hard to see how Zuckerberg finds the time to train with all the other passion projects he manages, he somehow also finds the time to eat a massive amount of food, too. 

He gave us a little glimpse this week, however. 

Mark Zuckerberg Drops His Meal Regimen

McDonald’s  (MCD) – Get Free Report posted on Threads (Zuckerberg’s answer to Twitter, now renamed X) asking users what their orders are. 

“Y’all want anything from McDonalds,” the fast food giant asked cheekily. 

Zuckerberg then divulged what seems to be his typical order. 

“20 nuggets, a quarter pounder, large fries, Oreo McFlurry, apple pie, and maybe some side cheeseburgers for later?” he wrote. 

UFC fighter Mike Davis then responded to Zuckerberg, saying, “You’re in camp! No McDonald’s.” 

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But Zuckerberg seems to have cleared this diet with his trainer. 

“Not cutting weight so I need 4000 calories a day to offset all the activity. And it’s so delicious…” he wrote back.

In 2022, Zuckerberg appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” telling Rogan that he had taken up BJJ around 2021. 

“After an hour or two of working out, or rolling, or wrestling with friends, or training with different folks, it’s like, now I’m ready to go solve whatever problem at work for the day, and like, I’ve fully processed all the different news for the day that’s come in, and we’re just ready to go.”

He added he’s also gotten into surfing and foiling. 

“From the very first session that I did, like five minutes in, I was like, where has this been my whole life?” he said, adding, “there’s something that’s just so primal about it.”

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