Las Vegas Strip resort casino celebrates Taylor Swift

As a power couple, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make past power duos like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston or the original version of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seem like minor news stories.

You could argue that the Kelce/Swift romance has been bigger than any past power couple because it brings the most popular singer in the world together with the biggest sport in the United States. There’s really nothing to compare it to as the closest comparison might be “Posh and Becks,” but while David Beckham was a bigger star in a globally bigger sport, it’s hard to argue that being one-fifth of the Spice Girls equals being Swift right now.

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The singer has not just driven social media traffic or provided fodder for entertainment shows, she has driven audience to the National Football League. That’s something that will drive more viewers to the Super Bowl.

“In fact, 13% of Americans have an increased interest in football this year due to Swift’s influence,” a Lending Tree survey found.

Swift, who is expected to watch the Super Bowl at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium has clearly brought new fans to the NFL and the Chiefs.

“Swifties aren’t just tuning in to see the singer — 18% said they’ll root for the Chiefs in the title game because of Swift,” according to the study.

Paris Las Vegas has a new tribute to Taylor Swift.

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Las Vegas loves Taylor Swift

Swift has been the subject of “will she or won’t she” speculation for every Chiefs game this season since her relationship with Kelce became public. She is expected to attend the Super Bowl, although she will be cutting it close given that she’ll be coming to Las Vegas directly from a show in Japan.

But, unless weather causes a problem, she will make it to Las Vegas’ first Super Bowl being held in a stadium she sold out multiple times on her current tour. To welcome her to the city, Cheri, a rooftop bar at Caesars Entertainment’s Paris Las Vegas, has created a new cocktail to honor the singer,

“During Super Bowl week, Chéri Rooftop will serve its own Red Lip Classic: a Taylor Swift-themed cocktail mingling Malibu Rum, Amaretto Disaronno, and Baileys Strawberries & Cream liqueur. The $20 Red Lip Classic takes its name, of course, from the singer’s famously red lips that keep maquillage fans across the world speculating about exact shades,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

An upscale lounge, Chéri Rooftop offers Strip views from its spot under Paris’ Eiffel Tower. The bar, which opened late last year aims to give the property a signature bar.

“Chéri Rooftop Lounge combines the vibrant spirit of Paris with the iconic Las Vegas Strip. At Chéri, we redefine the nightlife experience by blending a welcoming ambiance with craft cocktails and light snacks. Nestled beneath the Eiffel Tower, our location offers unobstructed views of the world-famous fountains, making it an ideal setting for your milestone moments,” the bar shared on its website.

You can’t deny the Taylor Swift effect

“If there’s one thing that people should’ve learned all too well by now, it’s that you should never be surprised by the enormity of Swift’s influence,” LendingTree chief credit analyst Matt Schulz said.

That should be good for the NFL and could lead to a record audience for the Super Bowl, although it’s hard to know whether that would have happened anyways given the matchup. Still, Swift has been a clear driver for the league and more or less anything she touches.

“We’ve seen it with her records and concerts, of course, but we’ve also seen it in movies, politics and now football. She’s an absolute force to be reckoned with economically, and while her grip on the American public isn’t going to last forever, no one should bet on it fading much anytime soon,” he added.

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