Las Vegas Strip Adds the Greatest of All Time

Las Vegas has a ton of world-class offerings, but now the Strip will be able to claim an experience tied to another GOAT.

The term GOAT, an acronym for “greatest of all time,” has been applied to lots of athletes, but the most famous might be Muhammad Ali, perhaps the best and most certainly the best-known heavyweight boxer of all time.

Ali once fought Larry Holmes. another legend, at Caesars Entertainment’s  (CZR) – Get Caesars Entertainment Inc. Report Caesars Palace, in a fight that saw the former champion a sad shell of his former greatness.

In that case, the Las Vegas Strip became a place where a GOAT tarnished his legend while others, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods come to mind, never really had a major association with Las Vegas (aside from Jordan’s legendary love for gambling.)

It’s rare that everyone agrees on a GOAT. Jordan might be the most clear cut, but some people might argue for Lebron James while Woods will always have Jack Nicklaus fans disputing his claim. The same might be said for the NFL’s GOAT, Tom Brady, a man with seven Super Bowl wins (and three losses) along with a career that has him still playing at a top level at the age of 45.

Many greats, however, are great until they’re not. Brady has, of course, been counted out many times, only to win another title. Now, he’s coming to the Las Vegas Strip (no, not to the Raiders) and it’s hard to know if Sin City will see a sad, Ali-like never-should-have happened spectacle or some new magic from the legendary quarterback.


Tom Brady Is Coming to Wynn    

After it being mostly off-limits to major sports for most of its existence, Las Vegas has become an inexplicable sports mecca. The NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders and the NHL’s Golden Knights call the city home and a Super Bowl and a Formula 1 race are headed for Las Vegas.

Now, Brady wants to bring his TB12 sports training company to Wynn Resorts (WYNN) – Get Wynn Resorts Limited Report Wynn Las Vegas where world-class athletes and, perhaps, wealthy tourists can experience the quarterback’s legendary holistic health and wellness program.

“TB12 is built on the TB12 Method, a series of healthy daily habits across five pillars: pliability, nutrition, hydration, movement, and mental fitness. The TB12 Method fully integrates these pillars, designed around muscle recovery and injury prevention to achieve longevity and pain-free living, through the help of solution-oriented Body Coach experts,” Wynn shared in a press release.

Essentially a high-end take on personal training, the TB12 Body Coach sessions will be housed at the Encore Fitness Center. Using one-on-one coaching, participants will get personalized treatment plans that incorporate the TB12 Method and each of the five pillars. The Encore Juice bar will also sell nutritional snacks and TB12 smoothies and supplements.

A Different Kind of Las Vegas Indulgence

The Las Vegas Strip has become a land of excess, but excess does not have to mean bad for you. Wynn executives also have a previous history with Brady which makes this a natural partnership.

“After our successful collaboration with the Wynn for The Match back in June, it was a natural next step to make this partnership official on behalf of TB12,” said Brady. “Our TB12 Body Coaches who are the heart and soul of our business and experts in the field of health and wellness will be able to provide guests the exact blueprint of the work Alex and I have been doing together all these years. The addition of the TB12 experience to Wynn’s already premium lineup of wellness-focused offerings is an incredible opportunity for our team to reach all guests looking to continue their health and wellness goals while traveling.”

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Las Vegas has not exactly been famous for “wellness,” but, in a way, Brady is catering to high rollers and maybe people who feel a little guilty about their previous indulgences.

“The introduction of TB12 signifies a fresh approach to wellness at our resort,” said Wynn President Brian Gullbrants. “Offering guests a way to maintain their wellness goals while on-the-go demonstrates our commitment to providing unique amenities not found anywhere else in Las Vegas.”


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