Kid Rock Takes New Shot at Bud Light, Target. And Dylan Mulvaney

At some point, Kid Rock went from being a bad-boy rap/rock star to wrapping himself in a right-wing version of Americana. The singer has not been shy about his political beliefs being an avowed supporter of former President Donald Trump and calling his current run of shows the “No Snowflakes” tour.

Rock, who has always been a larger-than-life performer flanked by pole-dancing women has now become a sort of right-wing rock and roll rebel. He hasn’t toned down the sex and rock and roll part of his show but has tuned up the MAGA part of it.

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The singer’s stage is flanked by two golden eagles and Trump himself, perhaps the least rock and roll person on the planet, appears in a videotaped message. The former president thanks the crowd calling them “hard-working, God-fearing, rock ‘n’ roll patriots” and closing with “Let’s make America rock again.”

Rock’s political leanings became a national story in April when the singer shot up cases of Bud Light after the Anheuser-Busch (BUD) – Get Free Report brand hired transgender social influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Those actions took a small promotion designed to make Bud Light’s audience more inclusive and causes many of the beer’s core fans to drop it.

Since Rock’s April social media post, Bud Light sales have dropped by roughly 30%. It’s a situation that has led to other ‘anti-woke” protests and boycotts, although none have been nearly as successful as the one impacting Bud Light and Budweiser products in general.

Now, as part of his stage show, Rock has taken another shot at Bud Light, Mulvaney, and a new shot at Target (TGT) – Get Free Report, a brand that has faced boycott calls over its Pride merchandise collection.


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Bud Light has seen its sales drop by nearly 3-%.

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Kid Rock Reloads on Bud Light, Mulvaney  

Nothing about Kid Rock has ever been subtle. He’s a rock and roll showman who puts on a stage act that includes fireworks and other pyrotechnics along with his pole dancers and other backing performers. The singer starts his show with a recorded prayer before opening with his hit “Devil Without a Cause.”

Politics isn’t subtle in Rock’s act and he has used his newfound status as the guy who stood up against Bud Light hiring a transgender influencer as part of the show.

“Mulvaney was briefly referenced Friday when a video wall flashed a screengrab from that influencer’s initial Bud Light post, the one that started it all. It was promptly superimposed onscreen with a middle finger,” The Detroit Free Press’s Brian McCollum wrote. “The video sequence also included the logo of retailer Target, which caught backlash this spring for Pride merchandise geared to children.”

That video poke at Bud Light, Mulvaney an Target then leads in Rock playing “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” a sort of anti-woke anthem. The song references everything from every kid getting a trophy to millennials being easily offended. But mostly, the song is a way for Rock to compare himself (favorably) to everything from the Las Vegas Strip to David Lee Roth, Reverend Run, Bruce Springsteen, and Brad Pitt.

It’s actually not all that overtly political a song with the “woke” enemies who are trying to tell the singer how to live more implied than stated.

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