Kid Rock Has an Astounding Change of Heart After His Viral Bud Light Meltdown

Pop star and outspoken culture critic Kid Rock has never shied away from some good old-fashioned identity politics. 

And since Bud Light has been the most recent lightning rod in the debate over woke corporate policies, Kid Rock has naturally placed himself firmly at the center of it. 

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Earlier this summer, Bud Light, owned by parent company Anheuser-Busch  (BUDFF ) sparked outrage when it voiced support for the LGBTQ+ community. Some of its core and loyal consumers, namely a right-leaning crowd, then loudly called to boycott the brand in what is now being called an “anti-woke” move. 

Kid Rock promptly posted himself firing a gun at a collection of Bud Light cans on Twitter.

“Grandpa’s feeling a little frisky today. Let me say something to all you and be as clear and concise as possible: f*** Bud light. And f*** Anheuser-Busch,” he says after unloading on multiple racks of the beer. “Have a terrific day.”

Kid Rock Walks Back Bud Light Stance?

Except now, some eagle-eyed patrons at Kid Rock’s Nashville bar have spotted the iconic blue bottles still being served — despite Kid Rock’s strident stance against the beer company. 

“@KidRock nice that you shot up the bud light… but its still in your bar. Haha,” one Twitter user wrote along with a photo of the bar’s menu with Bud Light still on offer. The tweet also included a photo of a Bud Light bottle being consumed at a bar top table.

“We’re visiting Nashville and YES you can buy Bud Light at Kid Rock’s bar,” another wrote.

Kid Rock’s stance on Bud Light made shockwaves through the music and entertainment community. 

“Once Kid Rock shoots your cans, you got real problems,” comedian Joe Rogan said on his podcast earlier in July.

“Who controls Bud Light?” rapper Ice Cube asked, later questioning, “Why would they make a dumb decision like that? Why would they try to ruin Bud Light? Are they trying to take down iconic American brands?” on the same podcast episode.

“You gotta ask why,” Ice Cube said.

“You think it’s a conspiracy?” Rogan asked.

“A bunch of middle class guys are paying the price,” Ice Cube said of the boycott. “You got distribution centers, the guys that deliver the beer nobody wants, and now they’re out of a job. You’re really attacking the middle class by making a brand that’s so big take a hit like that.”

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