Kevin O’Leary Reveals a Major Investment Secret

Mr. Wonderful lives up to his name (for once).

Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary has never shied away from a controversial business opinion. But today, in celebration of International Women’s Day, the so-called Mr. Wonderful took a stance that many online agree with–women-run businesses are where the money’s at.

The Tweet began with a statement that made many readers brace for impact: “I’m not out here to start gender warfare.” But he continued on, saying that “the fact is, I just get better returns from women-run businesses.”

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“Out of 10 deals, 7 of them are run by women, and maybe only 3 by men. Why?” O’Leary asked. “Because I’m an investor, I want to make money.” He wrapped his thoughts with the popular hashtag trending annually on March 8. 

Just before that, O’Leary also Tweeted his observations when it comes to women vs. men running his companies.

As of this writing, O’Leary hasn’t expanded on his experiences, but he is known for investing almost exclusively in women-owned companies on the hit show ‘Shark Tank’. He’s stated in the past that women-led companies tend to set more “reasonable goals for growth,” and tend to have lower turnover rates.

Still, some commenters chose the path of the infamous internet troll, decrying O’Leary for heaping praise on women business leaders. But several others, including women, were happy to see O’Leary voicing his support. A few shared their own sentiments. 

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