Jim Cramer Has an Angry Message For Bankers Responsible For Current Crisis

Jim Cramer woke up looking for blood.

Jim Cramer woke up in a mood to take on the banking system today. 

After agreeing with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in a tweet Monday about banking executives causing the crisis that took out Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank by seeking weaker oversight rules, Cramer went a step further Tuesday. 

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“Do you not think it is amazing that we don’t know the names of the examiners that caused so much pain in the banking system,” Cramer said in his daily 4 am EST tweet. 

But Cramer isn’t past negotiating and offered an alternative to tarring and feathering Federal Reserve system bankers. 

“At a minimum can we at least replace the people who are in charge of the San Fran Fed,” Cramer asked rhetorically.

As for the banking crisis itself, there are some industry watchers who don’t think the worst is over.

CEO Jamie Dimon warned Tuesday that the U.S. banking crisis “is not yet over,” adding that tighter credit conditions linked to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and the rescue of Credit Suisse have increased the odds of recession.

In an annual letter to JPMorgan shareholders, Dimon said the current banking crisis, while unlike the one in 2008, will be felt “for years to come.”

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