I test home products for a living, and this Casper pillow is worth the hype — especially while on sale at Amazon

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I’ve tried all sorts of pillows in my life, including options filled with authentic down, alternative down, and cheap fluff that falls flat after just a few weeks. The only one I found remotely comfortable was an alternative down pillow, and it was my go-to for years.

That is until I was gifted the Casper Original Pillow and discovered the significant difference a quality pillow can make. The best part? It’s on sale for $50 at Amazon right now—a 23% discount.

What sets the Casper Original Pillow apart from any others I’ve used is its 2-inch gusset that provides additional cushioning and promotes healthy spinal alignment for the neck and back. I often struggle with pain after waking up, and after two weeks of sleeping with this pillow, the issues have vanished. I change positions a lot while sleeping and find myself rotating from my back to my side and my stomach, so having a pillow that accommodates all types of sleepers is a must. 

Casper Original Pillow, $50 (was $65) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

To my surprise, this pillow is exceptionally comfortable no matter how I’m lying, and it’s incredibly flexible thanks to its polyester microfiber filling that’s evenly distributed throughout the entire thing. Even after a full night of being smooshed under my head and between my arms, it puffs back up to its original shape in a matter of seconds with just a quick fluff.

It also features a soft, breathable cotton cover that doubles as a protector and allows ample airflow to provide a cooling sensation that’s ideal for hot sleepers. Mine is protected by a separate pillowcase to match my bedroom’s aesthetic, but the original white cover is machine-washable and easy to clean as well.

The pillow arrives compressed inside a compact box and only takes a few minutes to fully expand and be ready to use. I suggest washing the cover before your first use as a safety precaution.

If you’re still skeptical, take it from the 7,500+ other shoppers who have also given it a five-star rating. Several other people agree that it’s the “best pillow” and “worth every penny,” especially while on sale. Over 4,000 pillows have already sold in the past 30 days, so make sure to grab one for yourself.

The Casper Original Pillow is so good that I’m seriously considering buying more to stay stocked up. I don’t think you can’t put a price on comfort, and if $50 takes away my neck and back pain, I’m all for it. 

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