Hyundai and Lexus eco-friendly EVs get an edgy, racing-inspired makeover

Like the SEMA show in November, the Tokyo Auto Salon is another unique event on the auto show calendar. 

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In the same vein, the show in Japan allows the country’s boutique car modification and tuning houses and automakers to express themselves with cool modified cars, and to show off a wide array of new components that exploit a car’s last horsepower, or to drastically change its looks. 

As electric vehicles take up more market space, Hyundai  (HYMLF) – Get Free Report and Lexus  (TM) – Get Free Report used the Tokyo show to show off some unique customized EVs from their respective brands.

One Fast Lexus

The Lexus RZ 450e F SPORT Performance


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Lexus showed off what a performance oriented vision of electric cars could look like, as it showed up with a car that looks straight out of The Fast and The Furious. 

Dubbed the RZ 450e F SPORT Performance, this matte white Lexus is a modified variant of its electric crossover SUV. Outfitted with 21-inch wheels, a performance suspension kit and a total of 17 aerodynamic body panels including not one, but two spoilers on the rear hatch; the RZ looks substantially more aggressive than the EV it was built upon. 

Regrettably, the cool body kit does not come with any additional horsepower, as it has the same dual-motor setup as in the pedestrian model, which makes 308 total horsepower. 

This model is a special edition milted to just 100 cars and will cost 11,800,000 yen, or around $81,300.

In a statement to TheStreet, a representative from Lexus USA said that the RZ 450e F SPORT Performance is currently being offered only in Japan and that Lexus currently does not have any plans to sell it stateside. 

Hyundai’s cool IONIQ 

Hyundai NPX1


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Hyundai used the upcoming IONIQ 5 N as a canvas for something it calls N Performance Parts. Dubbed the NPX1, the concept shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon is a visual representation of the offerings the South Korean manufacturer plans to add to the options list of the compact crossover EV.

Though the IONIQ 5 N is already a fast, performance-oriented model with 600 horsepower and a lot of go-fast enhancements on top of the standard model, the N performance parts turn up the heat even hotter. 

From a visual standpoint, the fast Hyundai looks even faster, as the addition of N performance parts makes the EV look like a race car for the road. An aggressive touring car-style body kit, combined with lowered suspension give the car an aggressive stance, while the alloy and carbon fiber wheels help reduce its overall weight. 

Though this car is a concept at the moment, Hyundai intends to sell the parts as accessories for the upcoming IONIQ 5 N. 

In a statement to TheStreet, a representative from Hyundai North America said that information regarding the performance parts will follow the Spring 2024 launch of the IONIQ 5 N in the United States.

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