How to watch the Super Bowl on Apple Vision Pro

So, you just got your Apple Vision Pro and are ready to watch the biggest sporting event of the year on your new Spatial Computer. I can’t blame you; I’ve spent the better part of a week with the Vision Pro, and watching a movie or TV show is incredible, with its high-fidelity screen and matching robust audio. 

I plan on watching the game on Apple’s latest gadget or spatial computer myself. So scroll down, we’re breaking down how to watch the San Fransisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs live from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Feb. 11 at 6:30 PM ET from the comfort of your Vision Pro. 

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And if your guess was you’re going to access the whole experience through CBS, you’re already off to the races.

How to watch the Super Bowl on Apple Vision Pro

A still from a teaser video for Super Bowl LVIII streaming in Paramount+ on Apple Vision Pro while the Joshua Tree environment is engaged.

Jacob Krol/TheStreet

If you’re after the traditional broadcast of the Super Bowl, your best bet is one of three places. If you go the app route, you’ll pick either CBS or Paramount+. While neither is an Apple Vision Pro exclusive app, you are running the iPad apps on the Vision Pro —both work just fine in some brief testing.

You’ll navigate to the App Store and download CBS or Paramount+  (PARA)  to get set up with either. From there, the app downloads onto your Vision Pro, and you can open it, get signed in, and be ready for game day. While neither of these is broadcasting in Apple Immersive Video, thanks to the Vision Pro you can make any space have a massive, ultra-sharp TV for your viewing pleasure.

If you don’t have an account with Paramount+, you can also sign up for a free trial for the service. The streaming service is also the best option should you not have a TV provider.

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Additionally, since you can set up the “screen” anywhere in your space, you can place other apps around it. Maybe it’s Messages so you can chat amongst your friends while the action is happening, or if it’s pre-Super Bowl, you can use Music to play all your favorite Usher songs. You could even ask Siri who might win the game or for facts about the players … or Taylor Swift.

Tech reporter Jacob Krol wearing the Apple Vision Pro and using the “Double Tap” gesture.

Jacob Krol/TheStreet

Plus, you can even fully immerse yourself in an environment — meaning you can watch the game while on the moon, in Yosemite, or even in Joshua Tree.

The third option is to fire up in Safari and watch it from the web. You’ll still be able to resize the browser window and place it in your space, but I personally prefer the app experience.

Alongside the traditional broadcast, the Super Bowl also has a more kid-friendly broadcast via Nickelodeon. It’s safe to say you can expect the green stuff, slime, etc. That will work on Safari and the CBS or Paramount+ apps. 

So, while you can’t watch in an immersive or spatial format this year, you can watch the Super Bowl on your chosen screen with a compelling visual experience. And you can have the apps open that you care about the most for the whole game.

Who knows, by this time next year, maybe the NFL will step things up with a made-for-Vision Pro app like what we’ve seen from the NBA and PGA Tour. 

Fair warning, though: if you’re at a watch party and your favorite team wins, you might want to take the Vision Pro off. It could be for an Apple Music Sing karaoke party courtesy of an Apple TV 4K with HomePods or maybe for a celebratory group FaceTime with friends.

The third-generation Apple TV 4K with the all-new Siri Remote featuring a USB-C port.

Jacob Krol/TheStreet

As far as watching on other Apple devices, it’s a similar story to Vision Pro. On an Apple TV 4K, you can download either the CBS or Paramount+ app, sign in, and be ready on game day. Additionally, if you have a set of HomePod speakers paired in stereo, you’ll get a Spatial Audio playback for the game and the halftime show.

A still from a teaser video for Super Bowl LVIII streaming in CBS on Apple Vision Pro while the Joshua Tree environment is engaged.

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