How FanDuel, sports leagues are working to safeguard game integrity

Sports gambling is now legal in 38 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. However, advertisements for gambling sites can now be seen during games, in stadiums, and even on players’ jerseys. With sports and gambling so closely intertwined, how can fans – and gamblers – be sure that the integrity of the game is being upheld? TheStreet’s J.D. Durkin sat down with FanDuel Chief Commercial Officer Mike Raffensperger to discuss.

Full Video Transcript Below:

J.D. DURKIN: FanDuel and its competitors now have very public, very well known partnerships with NFL alums, the superstars of the game. How do you ensure to fans and to bettors alike that the integrity of the game still remains intact for anyone who may be a little bit skeptical, understanding that the leagues like the NFL were skeptical themselves for so long until this kind of switch went off a few years ago, and now it seems as if the league is all in.

MIKE RAFFESNPERGER: Yeah look, we deeply appreciate our official partnership with the NFL, the NBA, the MLB. And you’re right, they were skeptical and for good reason. And frankly, one of the reasons I’m such a proponent of legalized regulated sports betting is because we take things like integrity quite seriously. And we have very active protocols in partnership with the NFL to monitor it versus prior to legalization in the United States, I will simply say your local bookie or some of the offshore accounts that people were illegally sort of running in many, many, many hundreds of billions of dollars of handle were run through them. They did not have partnerships with the NFL, where they were trading betting information to look at integrity concerns. And that’s something that we do all the time and is a huge part of, again, why we value our partnership with the league and why I believe regulated sports betting is the right path for America.

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