Here’s What We Know About Universal Studios New Harry Potter Land

Comcast has shared very few details about its new Epic Universe theme park. The company shared some concept art for its third Florida theme park in 2019 and it has confirmed that the project remains on track for a 2025 opening, but most of its statements on the company’s attempt to become a true rival to Walt Disney’s (DIS) – Get Free Report Disney World for weeklong vacations have been very vague. 

“Universal’s Epic Universe will take guests on a journey where beloved stories expand into vibrant lands – and where that journey is as much a part of their adventure as the ultimate destination,” the company shared in a 2019 press release.

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That’s a statement that says literally nothing and the company has not said all that much beyond that. Comcast (CMCSA) – Get Free Report, which owns Universal Studios, has confirmed that “Super Nintendo World,” which has already opened in California and Japan, will be part of Epic Universe, but that’s really the only confirmed attraction for the park.

Of course, official statements are not the only way to learn what a company has planned. A number of clever observers have scoured official filings and aerial construction photography to make very educated guesses as to what the new theme park will include.

That, for example, is how we know that attractions will be based on “How to Train Your Dragon,” and that Epic Universe will feature a large dual-track roller coaster. It’s also how Orlando Park Stop has uncovered some of the secrets of the new Wizarding World.      

An artist rendering of Epic Universe.

Image source: Universal Studios

Wizarding World Goes to France   

Universal has not even confirmed that Epic Universe will offer a third take on its Wizarding World lands. It has been widely believed, however, that a third land based on the J.K. Rowling written series would be part of the park and that it would likely be themed to something from the “Fantastic Beasts,” films which were not nearly as successful as the movies based on the Harry Potter books.

Orlando Park Stop, however, has identified at least part of what will be offered at Epic Universe.

“We have been able to verify that this land’s main attraction will be set within the British Ministry of Magic,” the website shared, citing information contained within permits Universal filed for the construction. “The documents show how we will enter the Ministry through Floo Network fireplaces, and then make our way through the impressively large atrium with lifesize recreations of the statues seen in the films.”

More recent permits also showed that instead of being set in England, where both current Wizarding World attractions are supposed to be located, the new land would be set in Paris. There will also be some major differences in how the new land is constructed.

“Unlike Diagon Alley, the streets of Wizarding Paris are expected to be much wider than the prior Wizarding World lands. This will go along with the much taller buildings along the city streets. Rising more than two stories taller than Diagon Alley, it appears that Universal is building a fairly realistic rendition of these Parisian streets, which should create an immersive experience once inside,” Orlando Park Stop reported.

The original Harry Potter lands were built to reflect what was in the books. That meant that, to be true to the story, streets in both Wizarding World lands are narrow and shops small and cramped by theme park standards. In the new Wizarding World (a name which has not been confirmed) the lack of source material to confine the builders allow them to create a more guest-friendly experience.

Guests will enter the park by “first passing under the Porte Saint-Denis arch, which is under construction now” and can be seen in aerial photos. That method of entry matches how the site is portrayed in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” which suggests the new land is set in that time period, despite the films not performing well at the box office.

A site plan also shows that there will be a large area set aside for future expansion along with retail, restaurants, and a theater space. There appears to be only one ride planned for the land, at least for now.

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